7 Surefire Ways To Earn What You’re Worth Blogging

What do you think about blogging?

I can see a great and blissful future with my writing blog. It’s been a journey of positives and negatives. But one thing is certain – blogging is powerful enough to pay you what you’re worth. Period!

Are you one of those people who still hold to the negative rumors that blogging is all about hard work, with no monetary rewards whatsoever?

This post is going to change your mindset today. I know that if you can take the right steps, and run the race with open mind, you can actually make 5 – 6 figures with your blog annually. Ride with me as I share the 7 surefire ways you can earn what you’re worth blogging.

1. Light up your path

How best can a blogger make her journey easy and rewarding? Lighting up your path is all about setting clear goals and planning your way to the top. When I started blogging, I didn’t know what goal setting was until I read Brian Tracy’s “GOALS.” That book changed my entire focus online, by the way.

When I work up every morning, I already know what the day holds for me. If you want to truly make money with your blog, stop making excuses why you can’t write down a clear and realistic goal.

Do it right now and make it your light. The path of success needs radar or you’d wander away like a lost sheep. What exactly do you want to achieve with your blog? It’s never enough to have it in your head, write it on a jotter or notepad. That’s the first step towards making a successful blogging career. Do it now and move on to the next line…

2. Challenge your creative instinct

Yes, I believe that every blogger who wants to make money and gain traction must be creative. I can’t quantify the magnitude of your creativity – because it’s relative to your niche. But it’s vital that you bring uniqueness to your content, or else, you’d be seen like every other blogger out there. How pathetic?

If your blog posts are regurgitated, why would your target audience read and subscribe to your email list? Blog readers are intelligent beings – they know when you’re a copy of someone else.

We’ve role models and we respect them because they’ve something special to offer. The truth of the matter is, you can’t find anything 100% new online, but you can add ‘spices’ to it.

That’s why blogging is so special in today’s world. The world needs more bloggers who can innovate and bring life to an old idea.

So, challenge your creative instinct for new ways to write that old topic and make it sound new. Can you do that? If yes, stay on track because sooner or later, you’d build a raving community of fans.

3. Hook your reader’s mind

As a blogger who wants to make money online, one good skill that can make you stand out from the teaming crowd is copywriting. Yes, I’m a copywriter and I’ve also discovered that blogging deals with psychology.

You need to know and understand how people respond to offers, new topics, why they don’t leave comments in your blog posts, why they refused to click the “buy now” button. All these elements stems from the human soul. They’re emotional, which is the very essence of pleasing people.

If you want to captivate your reader’s mind and make them thirst for your product, your blog post, your opinion and your affiliate link, you can’t achieve that by speaking to their physical state.

You need to study human psychology – understand the subconscious mind and why people act the way they do. It’d help you in writing catchy and benefit-driven headlines and subheads. Learn how to write clickable headlines. Keep reading…

4. Presell your expertise

You can so much create anticipation for your product in the minds of readers, even before they hit the last portion of your blog post. The term preselling is used mostly by copywriters, but it’s now vital to blogging.

If you want people to read your blog post from start to finish, you must arouse curiosity. At the end of the pipe, what should readers expect? The essence of preselling is to prepare the reader or potential buyer that what you’ve for them on the article body is the BEST. Human beings always want to do something new, or expect the unknown.

That’s why people travel the world – adventure is a part of living. And people spend thousands of dollars exploring new things – because of the expectation they have. When you write a blog post headline, presell the reader. When you ask a question in the introduction, it can mean a lot to the reader.

Readers are goldmine, but most often, they’re always fast asleep. Use the power of words to wake them up. Prepare their minds before asking for their money – it’s so powerful and proven to work – try it!

5. Lean on email marketing

Before I started building my email list, the first phrase that sounded scary and quirky was “the money is in the list.”

At the time, I didn’t understand what that phrase meant. But now I do. All I can say is that the money is not actually in the list, but when you build a strong relationship with subscribers, they can become ardent fans and help grow your blog. Trust me… it’s the truth.

Let’s take for instance; you want to sell your e-book. If you’ve been nurturing your subscriber-list, they can join your affiliate program and help generate sales for you. Second, subscribers can buy your product before any other person, at a reduced cost (you should let them know of the discounted price first).

Email marketing is the #1 task you must do. There is no excuse why you shouldn’t start collecting email leads today. Just get a reliable autoresponder service and you’d be on your way to making money with your human subscribers.

But you must solve their problems and be ready to add value to their lives. Anything short of this can’t suffice. Build your email list today and move on to negotiation below…

6. Negotiate and monetize

When I say negotiate, I’m sure you’re having mixed thoughts right now. Well, negotiation is vital and an integral part of blogging. As a business blogger, you can’t always trust your opinion – your target audience also wants a sense of belonging.

That sense of belonging can motivate them to leave comments, visit more often and eventually buy your product (s). If everything goes well, ardent readers should be subscribed to your email list as well. So, why must you negotiate and monetize?

Simple – to negotiate means that you’ve to know what they want. Do your readers want e-books, software, membership site or email ecourse? You might not know exactly until you ask them. When you send email newsletters, make it interactive. Weigh the responses you get and make sure it doesn’t overlap with your personal decisions at the end of the day.

Target audience is always right. Their opinion should count. You need to put yourself in their hearts, so that when you eventually launch the product, a greater percentage of them would purchase instantly. This processes of asking questions, balancing equations and trying to give readers what they want is known as negotiation. Welcome to the final stance…

7. Build trust without looking back

Get this: it’s easier to build trust online than to destroy it. You’ve to watch every step you take, especially with your email subscribers. They want to know if you’re money conscious or solution-driven person. To them, you’re not just a blogger; you’re a real person who should care about them.

Whatever you do with your blog from the onset is going to dictate how much success you’ll attain in later years. Take your time and build your trust. It’s no longer news that “people buy from who they know, trust and like.” If I don’t like you one bit, I might never read your blog post, let alone buy your product.

Each time you answer bugging questions, the right audience would draw closer to you. Your blog is a hub, where you can decide your relationship with other people. Don’t take relationship building lightly – It’s the whole essence of starting a business online. Consequently, when you negotiate with people and create a mutual nexus, making money would become second nature.

My freelance writing business is growing at WAP speed. Why? It’s because I place every one of my readers and clients ahead and I love them. Blogging is a tool that you can use to build your future. Eliminate the dollar mentality (trying to exploit readers of their hard earned money), and focus on solving problems.

What do you say?

What’s going on in your mind right now? Do you think blogging is a bunch of hype, from those who don’t even know how to generate income? Or are you positive that you can earn 6 figures blogging? Leave a comment below and visit my content marketing blog for more insights. See you ahead!

This guest post was written by Michael Chibuzor.

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  1. Zac

    preselling, email marketing, and monetizing are the biggest factors here from my personal experience. Preselling automatically talks "buy" to the customers, but with all the great benefits in store for them.

    email marketing is bread and butter where the cash is really made backend sales all you need for this is a great funnel.

    Lastly monetizing with a service or product is definitely necessary
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  2. When you will give something special to your readers then you can see they will show nice response to read your every new post.

  3. Create a blog that is catchy to the reader. Make sure that it will leave a great impact to the reader after they have read your article..
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