7/7/07 Lucky Day of the Century

Last night Reena and I decided to go down to the Borgata at Atlantic City for a bit. We left around 11pm, so we got there a little after midnight… and it was now 7/7/07! (i’m not superstitious, just being funny) Today’s date is featured all over the news today and lots of people are getting married and doing crazy stuff.

So once we arrived at the Borgata I went to play craps for a bit and Reena tried her luck on some slots. About 20 mins later Reena came back to craps and said the slots were crappy…  I was having the same luck at Craps. I started out with $3300 at the table… then left it with $1000 about an hour and a half later. Frustrated we stopped for a bit and decided what we should do. It was a Friday night, so it was already massively busy. We wanted to play roulette, since that’s where I usually win big or go for broke. All the tables were full so I went to check the high rollers section. There was one guy at the table and it was a $100 minimum. I still had $1000 in chips, so I traded them in for $25 chips… played two spins and didn’t win… 🙁

Reena then said "what do you want to do?"…. I threw an extra $2700 on the table to get more chips and see what we could do. First spin… crap, some number I wasn’t on. Second spin… he’s about to drop the ball to spin…"quick load up red 32!" (it’s my number I always play and stack up)… the ball is landing… BAM! 32 RED HITS! I had $100 straight up on 32 and $200 all around it… payoff was $7000! At this point I was up $1500, so I played the additional $500 for one more spin. (hoping for 32 again) Nothing hit so then I cashed in all the chips for large ones. The croupier passed them to me and I said thanks… the he says "No…Thank You!"
(sarcastically and with an attitude)

I’m not surprised… another dealer/croupier with an attitude. This seems to happen too often now. This guy spun the ball 4 TIMES and did some math for my payout and expects me to tip him. So what happens the other 99% of the time when he spins and doesn’t hit my number… I don’t get a tip. I tip dealers, but when I find it necessary or provided with nice service… not just because the ball randomly lands on my number within 5-10 mins at the table. Not to mention I was nearly even at that point. This also happened a lot at the Bellagio in Las Vegas during Affiliate Summit West. I had talked to my casino host there about it and was able to get the whole stay in the casino comped. In AC the dealers at the Borgata are making around $27-$30 an hour (after tip rate)… they just don’t have to be jerks about it.

Anyway, after leaving the craps table we cashed in then hit "Wheel of Fortune" before getting something to eat. I had $25 in comp slot dollars, so we used that… ended up hitting some bonus spins and winning $250. Cashed out, then went to go eat our free / comp’d dinner at the Metropolitan. Looks like 7/7/07 was lucky after all… (and my business cards just arrived too!) 🙂

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  1. lol i like reading your gambling stories, I read the whole one last time about them pretty much screwing ya.

    congrats on 32! pretty sweet. someday ill be at that highrollers table with ya

  2. Sounds like you had a fun time. Wow payout of $7k for gambling, thats really good.

  3. planning on making my way out to Atlantic City… $7k seems fairly big from $2700… that's usually when i'd walk away… I learned at the Windsor Casino last summer. Walk away when you're ahead… haha…

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