8 Facts About Zac Johnson

A few quick facts about me that you might not have known.

Ah.. to be young again!
1.) I Love to Play Basketball
Several times a week I go play basketball at my local LA Fitness for around 3-5 hours a day. The joke there is that I play basketball for a living… since I’m there so much. Isn’t making money online wonderful!

Certified Dealer/Croupier in Almost Every Casino Game
2.) Gambling / Casino Certified
In addition to basketball, I also love gambling. So much that I am also a certified dealer in Poker Table Games, BlackJack, Roulette and Craps. There is a casino school in my area and I took all of these classes for fun and to better learn the games. Now I am certified , and could work in any casino! I also have a full size craps table, roulette table and blackjack table in my basement!

3.) Spiderman
When I was younger I started collecting comics and Marvel trading cards. As I got older, it seems nothing changed. I now have a massively huge super hero statue collection and occasionally dress up as Spiderman for fun! (I’m Spiderman & Spiderman

4.) Malamutes
I’ve always wanted a dog through my childhood, but my mother is allergic to pets. Around five years ago my parents went to an animal store and saw an alaskan malamute. To make a long story short, she wasn’t allergic to the malamutes and we ended up having three. Timber, Wolf and Sandy. Unfortunately Sandy passed away less than a year ago. She will be missed 🙁

My Awesome 2007 Hummer... Best Vehicle Ever!
5.) Hummer
I’ve never had a huge fascination with cars and thought that they were a huge deal. My first car was a used Ford Explorer, then I had a brand new Ford Mustang off the show room floor. Then I recently (last October) took the plunge and made the move for the monster car of my dreams! I finally got my 2007 H2 Hummer! I love, it’s awesome and that’s that.

Old Pics of MoneyReign Inc. Headquarters
6.) Collectibles
I’ve been a big collector for a long time now. In the beginning, it was Marvel comics and cards, baseball/basketball cards, old action figures, sports collectibles and over the past few years it’s been more focused on Marvel and Lord of the Rings statues. I can’t even pull a number for how many comics I have (at least a few thousand), let alone basketball cards (in the 100,000+ range)!

California Pizza Kitchen in Las Vegas
7.) Family & Girlfriend
My mom and dad are awesome. My father will be attending Affiliate Summit again with me in Florida. My mom runs a few not-for-profit sites online. My cool sister just graduated high school and is a singer. My wonderful girlfriend also just graduated, from Rutgers university and wants to work with children in the psychology area. I’m very proud and lucky to have them all in my life.

8.) Blogging & Internet Marketing
I’ve been making money online now for over 10 years. What started out as making banners for a $1 each, to an amazingly fun full time income. (job if you must call it). I just started blogging for the first time a few months ago. Already the blog has grown rapidly fast and should just continually keep getting better.

This blog and my story was also featured in Revenue Magazine, which is pretty cool! Refer to my about me page for more info on myself and how I got started online.

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  1. Thanks for the linkback. FYI, you spelled my name right the first time and then you went ahead and swapped the AE/EA the second time.

    Haha, it's great that you have a full casino in your basement. You wouldn't happen to be making some extra income on the side, would you? =p

    And I think it's awesome that your mom is in the online world too. My mom still has a hard time understanding the concept of "double click"

  2. Aw, where are the juicy details? Stuff that might be found on Springer or Maury? Are you the father? Political scandals? Did you ever torture a squirrel when you were younger? LOL Nice and interesting list, I see a lot of bloggers doing these lists now.

  3. Zach, it's a shame that you Americans still haven't learned that soccer is the only commercial sport worth playing ^^

    Perhaps one day you will come to your senses…

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