9 Top Influencer Blogs to Follow in 2017

The world of online business is like no other industry in the world. Not only does it provide the opportunity for anyone in the world today get started with a blog, brand or business of their own at minimal costs, it also offers online training and resources guides like no other industry as well.

For example… if you wanted to start a retail pizza location and went to a local competitor for advice or questions, they would likely tell you to get lost! Online it’s a completely different story. Not only can you find an unlimited amount of resources and guides to learn from, you can actually send emails to experts around the world and actually get useful advice in the process.

In short, for entrepreneurs wanting to run a business, they have a world of opportunity right in their hands. All they need to do is put in the time and effort to make big things happen.

To help with this process, I wanted to provide you with a list of nine different blogs that you should be following in 2017. Not only are each of these blogs extremely useful, the people behind them are must follow and create some excellent content in the process.

Let’s get started!

Follow these 9 Influencer Blogs in 2017


Neil Patel

When it comes to internet marketing or anything related to lead generation and traffic growth online, there is a good chance you’ve ended up on one of Neil Patel’s sites. Both NeilPatel.com and QuickSprout.com are two of the most popular internet marketing blogs on the internet today. Not only are they popular, the value on them is quite intense. Most articles are well over 1,000 words and include references to real examples and case studies to further stress the points. Neil Patel is definitely a name to follow as we move into 2017, as he will continue to share what’s working in the industry today, then and beyond.


Gary Vaynerchuk

Looking back at previous years, it’s been pretty exciting to see what Gary Vaynerchuk has accomplished. Through his earlier days at Wine Library, when he was creating short wine review videos with just a handful of viewers, to now performing keynotes to audiences of thousands — it’s been quite a ride for both Gary and his audience. Even more exciting is how Gary continues to engage, bring in new audiences and scale with time. If you aren’t currently following Gary’s blog and social media outlet, you definitely need to get him on all of your lists right now.


Jeremy Schoemaker

Better known as “ShoeMoney”, Jeremy has found massive success in the world of affiliate and online marketing. While ShoeMoney.com is his platform for letting the world know what he is currently working on, or just what’s on his mind, his best money makers and success has come from his passionate side projects. From a fun ringtones website that made him over $100k in just one month from Google Adsense, to selling multiple websites and businesses for millions, Jeremy has done it all — while also being extremely helpful and sharing his success with others along the way. No matter where the industry is headed, Jeremy will be there to revolutionize it along the way.


John Lee Dumas

JLD is a money making God in the world of podcasting. Just a few years ago John was at a point in life where he was depressed, had no idea where he was going to find a job… or even going live. Jump forward to today and he’s one of the most successful independent podcasters of our time. Having taught thousands of individuals how to start a podcast of their own through his podcast EOFire and online course, Podcast Paradise, John has had single month revenues in the $500,000 range. Definitely, add John Lee Dumas as a name to watch as the podcasting industry continues to flourish in months and years to come.


Brian Clark

In previous years, Brian started out as a blogger, while quickly becoming a full-fledged entrepreneur in the process. His blog at Copyblogger.com was extremely popular, but Brian knew he had to come up with new ways to grow his business over time. Now he’s the brains behind the Copyblogger (RainMaker) platform, which allows site owners, bloggers, and brand manage all aspects of their content under one powerful platform. No matter where the industry is headed in the coming years, Brian will be there to make sure content creation and promotion is managed as effectively as possible.


Syed Balkhi

Syed is a perfect example of someone who started out as a blogger, then took full advantage of what WordPress and the industry had to offer. Through his blog at WPBeginner.com, Syed has helped millions of site owners and bloggers with any possible questions they could possibly ask. Taking that success to a whole new level, Syed started to get active in the software space, launching OptinMonster — one of the most downloaded and purchased WordPress plugins of all times. One of the most exciting things about Syed and his businesses is how they’ve continued to adapt over the years. Be sure to add his name and network of sites to your reading list.


John Rampton

If you frequent the likes of Entrepreneur, Inc and Huffington Post, you’ve likely seen many articles from John Rampton ranking at the top of their sites. While John’s blog is a great place for you to find what he’s currently speaking at and working on, you will likely find most of his content through his writing on Entrepreneur and Forbes. Why is John Rampton a name to watch moving into 2017? Simply because he is writing on all the big stories and trends that huge media outlets want you to know about.


John Chow

In the world of blogging, John Chow is a name known by many. Love him or hate him, he’s discovered the process of how to start a blog (where he would first post pictures of his dinner), to making millions of dollars online. John first started with the concept of blogging to keep his friends and family updated with what was going on in his life. Then he started talking about how to make money online… then he actually put those efforts into action. Over the years, John’s methods of monetization are continually changing, and that’s just one of the many reasons to follow his blog in the coming years.


Sujan Patel

Sujan Patel is likely a name that you’ve also seen mentioned throughout the industry, as he’s worked alongside big name brands like LinkedIn, Expedia, Zillow and Yahoo to help bring their businesses to that next level. He’s also been featured in various publications like Entrepreneur, Forbes, and WSJ — while also contributing to many of them. Sujan is a game changer and with his main focuses on growth hacking, branding, and SEO, he’s sure to cover the working methods and topics for years to come. Be sure to check out his blog for what’s working in the world of internet marketing today and for months to come.

There you have it… my personal list of nine entrepreneur bloggers that you should be following in the new year. While there are plenty of other entrepreneurs and marketing experts to follow, I highly recommend you add each of these greats to your online reading material list. Don’t forget… it’s not just about reading and following up on others… it’s all about putting what they have to say and inspire into action!

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