97 Resources to Better Manage Your Online Reputation

Written by Zac Johnson
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Online reputation management… it’s something we hear a lot these days, especially if you are a business owner or active in the online marketing space. While many people have different opinions on what ORM really is and how it works, the important thing to know is that it’s important!

Protecting your personal brand and business reputation online is extremely important because more people are going online to research information than ever before. Making sure your own content appears at the top of the search results and knowing when and where people are talking about your name (or brand) — well, that’s reputation management at it’s best!

We could talk about ORM all day and give the many different pros, cons and methods for each, but instead I want to provide you with 97 of the best ways you can start monitoring, repairing and managing your reputation online.

Best of all, each of the resources below are from top ORM sites and media outlets, so they all know what they are talking about. Enjoy!

97 Resources to Better Manage Your Online Reputation

97 Hand Picked Resources to Manage Your Online Reputation

38 Ways to Protect Your Online Reputation

Protecting your online brand and reputation is all about knowing what works and what doesn’t. It’s also about measuring results and knowing how to respond to each situation specifically. OnlineReputation.com compiled a list of 38 ways to protect your online reputation from a wide range of resources throughout the internet. From knowing how to better respond to customer complaints to top rated social media monitoring tools… this post has you covered!

5 Tools to Monitor Your Online Reputation

One of the most effective, yet sometimes overlooked methods for protecting your online brand is “monitoring”. Yes, monitoring all mentions of your name and brand across the internet is extremely important. Not only are some brands not doing this at all, that are doing it incorrectly. It’s easy to setup a notification system through tools like Google Alerts, but then you are only getting notified on search results. What about social media, news outlets, reviews and blogs? For that you will need much more advanced ORM tools… many of which are highlighted in this post.

9 Ways to Improve Your Online Reputation with SEO

ORM and SEO go hand in hand… though they shouldn’t be considered the same. ORM is about brand management and knowing how to react for each different scenario. SEO is all about keywords, content, link building and ranking in the search results. Put the two together and you have quite the powerful combination. Discover 9 ways to use SEO to further improve your ORM efforts and results.

5 Ways Offline Marketing Can Improve Your Online Reputation

It’s easy to talk about ORM because many of us are already active in the online marketing space. However, offline marketing and reputation management is also important — especially for any offline and local businesses. The offline to online transition is key, and for many brands… it’s going to happen whether they like it or not. People will search for you online before visiting you offline. Some excellent points covered in this article are training employees to better represent your brand, capturing customer feedback and improving your marketing messages. I can promise you this is definitely a resource you need to check out, especially since it was written by ORM expert, Andy Beal.

6 Steps to Managing Your Online Reputation

As ORM goes more mainstream and proves it’s legitimacy, we continue to see bigger names covering the topic. For example, Forbes had an article written last year that covered the most basic ways to start monitoring and improving your reputation online. This article explains how to Google yourself and setup notification alerts, the importance of securing your own domain name and joining social networks to secure more page one rankings.

The 34 Best Resources, Tips, and Tools for Protecting Your Privacy Online

Building a strong online reputation isn’t just about gaming the search results and securing the number one listing. Instead it’s about having your brand and message everywhere and easily found. This includes social networks, web sites, blogs, media coverage and pretty much anywhere else. However, while all of this is going on, you need to make sure your personal and business information is safe. While you’re busy making sure your information is everywhere, who is monitoring your privacy and personal information. This article overs 34 resources, tips and tools for how to better protect your information and privacy while also managing your online reputation.

How to Protect Your Online Reputation

Your head is no doubt spinning from the 97 different resources and tips that we’ve outlined for you above. The good news is that you can start implementing these practices into your brand or business one at a time. However, be sure to monitor and track your efforts and results so you know what’s working best.

When it comes to managing your online reputation, planning and execution is key. Don’t let another day slip by that your personal name, brand or business is up for grabs!

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    Most new bloggers fail to realize the importance of online reputation. When they realize it, it’s too late.

  2. Very nice article. The online reputation is one of the must criteria if you want to survive in the web. Only depending on search engines for your blog visitor is dangerous as it can drop anytime. But, you online reputation will never leave you.

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