99 Ways To Make Money Using Twitter

I cover a lot of different ways people are making money off Twitter, but I haven’t even scratched the surface. I just finished reading through a new book from the authors over at Geekpreneur.com, called “99 Ways to Making Money Using Twitter“. One might think, a book covering 99 different ways to make money, would rush each topic and get stale. However, book is 355 pages, but it is actually written and laid out quite well. With the addition of keeping on topic and giving fresh new ideas, each article gives you tips, models and difficulty/skill/profitability charts as you read through the book.

99 Ways to Make Money Using Twitter
So what are some of the methods mention in the book for making money on Twitter? From generic to advanced, the book has something for everyone.

Turn Your Twitter Background into an Unforgettable Brand
Something like your Twitter background might seem so simple, for anyone that has a big following and not using their background for branding, that’s just a waste!

Measure Your Market with Twitter Polling
Twitter polling interacts with your followers, making them more responsive and want to follow you… while giving you quality polling feedback.

Pick Up Valuable Stock Tips
Many people don’t know how large stock trading and ticker symbols are on Twitter. Search any ticker symbol by using a dollar sign, then the ticker symbol. (Example: Google Stock “GOOG” is “$GOOG”)

Build Your Blog with Micro-Blogging
Once you have a large enough following on Twitter, you’ll be surprised how many people will click your tweet links and jump over to your blog to read the full story and contribute with their own comments.

Scale Your Business by Finding Paid Help
Not only are you building new relationships through Twitter, but you may just find your next business partner or paid help. While other are discussing what they are working on, or passionate about, it might be just what you are looking for to expand your business.

Choosing what Money Making Methods are Right for You
Everyone using Twitter is on a different learning curve. Something as easy as changing your Twitter background may be new to someone else, while setting up a Twitter account to target your band’s fans and give them free music downloads, may be easy for others. Geekpreneur.com did a good job in laying out the book for everyone to get an idea of how complex each task is before starting.

Each topic covered in the book is around 2-3 pages. In addition to the Difficultly/Skill/Income key, each section also has “Tips” and “Models” to help walk you through the process of picking which methods you like to try.

All in all, it’s a decent read and can definitely stir up some new ideas to help you make some new money with Twitter, and maybe bring some new traffic sources to your blogs, web sites and ad campaigns.

The book is currently 21% off at Amazon.com and only $27.72 if you want to grab a copy.

Buy 99 Ways to Make Money Using Twitter

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  1. It’s great to get a list of ways to make money online, but going into detail on those methods is even better. I’m more of a social reader, but if the format and content are useful and entertaining, I’ll pick up a new read. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Picking up a good detailed book at Internet marketing is a great ideal next to joining a program that costs thousands of dollars when you are first starting out.

  3. <a class="replyTo" href="#comment-110486" rel="nofollow">@MLDina:

    Honestly, I hate to read books. I can listen to audio books all day, but reading… I just lose interest. What I like about books like 99 Ways to Make Money Using Twitter, is how it's in bunches, so you can jump around a read 2-3 pages on each topic and not lose interest.

  4. Excellent list. I'm now actually very curious to see the rest so I think I'll definitely get the book. I like the fact there's even an "effectiveness" gauge.

    Thanks for the recommendation!

  5. Sounds like a pretty interesting read. I also heard about this book at a few other places including twitter.
    Since its the beginning of the month, i’m a busy doing more important stuff, once i get some space, this book’s surely gonna be in my hand..!
    Also is an ebook version available?

  6. Great review Zac.
    I’ve had this gnawing thought that I am under using Twitter.
    Now, after reading your review, it’s eating my brains out!
    Gotta get me a copy of 99 Ways etc.
    Michael Searles

  7. It sure didn’t take long for this to come out, and it is a proper book too, not an e-book. I feel that it will be a worthwhile buy, but get it quick, because the fluid nature of the internet dictates that todays angle is tomorrow’s old news.

  8. Hello Zac

    Right now, I’m really loving Twitter as a tool to drive traffic to my sites. I think it’s literally a gold mine, but the trick with all the techniques above is getting a good follower count. I think the book looks pretty interesting.


  9. I’m interested in Pick Up Valuable Stock Tips. How does that work? Actually i might buy the book now!

  10. That is an impressive list with a number of great Twitter marketing ideas. It will be interesting to see how Twitter marketing evolves as the owners of Twitter respond to the use of Twitter for marketing (or spam) purposes.

  11. Twitter is the bombshnizzle when it comes to getting traffic to your websites. All my websites #1 source of traffic!!

  12. Sounds interesting. I especially like the key, which looks like it could make it especially useful to those new to IM–or to IMers who haven’t played much with twitter.

  13. I have seen many advertising or promotional activity through twitter. I always wanted to know that how it is done. Thanks Zac for the post.

  14. Sorry but this is one book that I do not plan on reading. I couldn't be bothered to jump on the twitter bandwagon and wade through all those pointless tweets.

  15. Zac have you used twitter for making money by now? If yes then does book cover the method you are using?

    I think when you have so many methods listed, it is always more confusing to which one to choose and may be just waste of time.

  16. <a class="replyTo" href="#comment-110543" rel="nofollow">@aansa:

    I've used twitter to send traffic back to the blog, and also made a few bucks through sponsoredtweets. The biggest value is to build up a twitter account for your web site, then flow over traffic from twitter to your blog/site.

  17. thanks for the review, this book looks really good. I like the different difficulty/skill levels and also the income potential levels.

  18. The best approach when you're trying to make money with social networks is by being a real person. A lot of people get the idea in their heads that they're going to get a bunch of friends, or a bunch of followers, blast out some links, and make a ton of money.

  19. There are sites that'll pay you to send out 'tweets' via Twitter, and I'm sure that there are sites that will pay you to post a message via Facebook, but for the pennies (literally) that you'll receive for these gimmicks, it'll hurt your credibility more than it'll help your financial bottom line.

  20. Sounds like a good tutorial for monetizing your tweeter account. I' am surprised that no mention of getting paid by sponsors for tweeting is not mentioned here. There are a lot of companies that will pay you to tweet about their products and service.

  21. Sounds like I needed this back when I started trying to use Twitter to promote my website.

    Perhaps if I had something like this, I could try it again.

  22. By making sure you lure your followers to visit your site — and get them to do whatever it is you are doing to monetize your site. If you have Adsense ads for example, get your Twitter followers to click on the ads. If you sell something, get them to buy it

  23. There're lots of ways how to make money on Twitter, just be productive and innovative. Thanks for the great info Zac.

  24. #100 – pay a ghostwriting agency to scribble a fast, cash-in book and watch the cash roll in

  25. Interesting, but how much twitter follower we need to make significant cash ( > $100) for each month ?

  26. Useful reasources, however, does using an automated system designed to get followers on Twitter useful?

  27. 99 ways to make money on twitter? Wao, Thats a lot! Sounds like this ebook would be worth every cent it costs.

  28. I have to try to monetize via twitter. It works but is still keep it as a communication tool.

    Best regards,


  29. For me twitter is only a communication tool to get new visitors. I did not make money by direct advertise on twitter. But if I read this post I have to change my mind

  30. Although it sounds good I won’t be ordering it. I’m happy with the way I’m earning on Twiter and I’d rather keep the $20

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