A Picture is Worth a Thousand Keywords

With so much content on the web, how are web sites supposed to compete with the billions of page views that are being displayed on a daily basis? It’s all about being creative and displaying relevant advertising to your readers, without making it seem like advertising.

One method that a very popular celebrity and news web site is using to bring in extra revenue, while providing a quality source of content to their readers, is displaying advertising which allows the reader to buy the same style of clothing that other celebrities are wearing. Dailymail.co.uk is the site I’m referring to, and they have a very large readership and following, while updated with new content and celebrity pictures daily.

You can see a demonstration of this advertising method below. On a select amount of photographs displayed on their web site, they have little colored dots (shown below) and a “Get the Look” tab on the top left. If you hover over these images, it will then show the same type of clothing which you can then purchase to replicate the style and outfit. You can click on your desired clothing, then it will send you off to that individual clothing web site.

This service is provided by Pixazza, which has already served nearly 8 billion image views since going live. Pixazza states on their web site “A picture is worth a thousand keywords.”, and that’s an awesome way to explain this type of marketing and display advertising. You can visit their web site for more information and how you can display this same type of advertising on your site.

As mentioned, the new ways of advertising online are becoming quite exciting and it’s companies like these who are thinking outside the traditional banner ads and popups, is who will bring in the next wave of advanced advertising.

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  1. That is smart advertising they are probably making a killing too. Every Woman especially admires that certain celebrity and wants to get her hair done like her, makeup, clothes, etc… Even guys for that matter but on a smaller scale for the most part.

  2. "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Keywords"? Well I couldn't agree more… my teacher of industrial design at college of engineering used to say that… and she was right back then, although I did not know it yet!
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  3. That's a very interesting service. I wondered if it was automatic, but they actually have "product experts" that match images (with high enough traffic) to products. I'm guessing your need a respectable amount of traffic before your images start showing products.

  4. Very good ads optimization.. but how do they make money out of it? by click, impressions or they sell the products themselves?
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  5. Internet search has been largely a text-centric process: Plug some words into the search box that you hope describe what you’re looking for, hit enter and wait to see what the lottery in the cloud coughs up.

  6. Yes that is a great concept. I'm sure that type of advertising works quite well. Perhaps we should create a photo gallery on our website with links to specific products too.

  7. It’s all about being creative and displaying relevant advertising to your readers, without making it seem like advertising.

  8. I use GumGum.com to make money from my images and am really happy with the results. I've tried Pixazza and while the product is very cool it generated very, very low revenue for me.

  9. This is quite of a good adaption of the old saying:) It is great to see that there still are people with the sense of humor.
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  10. Very interesting addition & unique ads presentation. Looks complicated to implement though. Hope there would be simple plug-ins for this new type. Thanks for the heads up.
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  11. Advertisment methods and technologies have advanced greatly over the past few years, providing readers and visitors a better experiencing while going through ads in a pleasant manner without feeling they're getting forced down their throats 🙂
    Image related and integrated advertisment was expected, good to see it live now, hopefully this will reduce all those annoying tilting banners
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