CJU 2000

Written by Oliver
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There are very few things that will make a massive change in your life and your future business, but this was one of them. As mentioned earlier, I was already running my affiliate programs through Commission Junction and most of my volume was through them. I noticed they had an event called CJU 2000, which they had in Santa Barbara, CA and all of their merchants/affiliates were invited. The ticket to attend was a few hundred bucks, and a six hour flight across the country for me! I hadn’t made any plans to attend the event, but my dad and I were talking and business was going pretty well at this point.

Nearly the week of the event we decided to go! Once arriving, this was the coolest thing ever. I had never been to an internet conference or event. I couldn’t believe it, the first day when we went to see the speakers, I was in the middle of hundreds of huge company names. I remember distinctly that Jackpot.com was sitting next to me and I would later meet up with NeoPets.com. It was so cool, I was around 18 or 19 at the time and I was talking with all these huge multi-million dollar companies. And that’s not all…

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