My First Successful Business

What do most people remember about school? Probably hanging out with friends, horrible teachers and maybe even rooting for your school sports teams. What I remember and value most was all of my business experience. Instead of carrying books and pencil in my backpack, I would carry around comic cards and later soda cans. During fourth grade, Marvel Comic Cards were big in my school. What I would do is buys packs of cards for $1 each (with 12 cards per pack). I would then bring them to school and sell them at lunch for around .25 per card.

Other kids would buy the cards with their leftover lunch money. Later on in intermediate school, the real money was in soda! You’d be amazed how many kids would prefer soda over the school’s selection of Snapple/Milk or Water. Of course as we are getting older, kids are having a little more money to spend. Buying a 12 pack of sodas for a couple bucks then selling them for .75 a can is a great profit. This may seem funny or odd to some of you, but this is business at it’s best… nothing beats being a kid with a little extra cash!