Networking is EVERYTHING!

I am not the most outgoing guy in the world, so in most cases, networking and going up to people I don’t know isn’t one of my favorite things to do…especially being younger and at such a huge event like CJU. Later on in the show I would meet up with many attendees and speakers and become good friends with them. After attending one of the speakers presentations, I decided to go up and talk with him and tell him about what I have been doing online and any ideas he might have. His name was Ola Edvardsson. Ola went out of his way to take the time and talk with me and show interest. After talking for a bit, I found out that he lived in NY and we would meet up several times over the next few years.

The point of this story is that connections are EVERYTHING. My business and success would never have been the same if I did not attend CJU. You would be amazed at how much just one thing can change everything. I can map out almost everything I have done and some way or another it comes back to who I have met in the beginning and/or what/who I was working with at this time.