The MoneyReign Network

I guess it was around 1998 now and many new networks were popping up a some new revenue paths were as well. By now I had a network of free stuff and entertainment sites. I was heavily pushing content for search engine placement, while making money off the incoming search traffic. After several attempts to become a “list owner” with, I was finally accepted around nine months later. (PostMasterDirect is a double opt-in confirmed email marketing company, which sends targetted email to its subscribers based on their interests. To this day PMD has been one of my best money makers) I already had the network of traffic going through my sites and now with a partnership with, I could start sending them confirmed newsletter subscriptions.

The free stuff and entertainment sites were doing well, but I felt there was room to grow. I came across some survey/sweepstakes type web sites and decided that I should try and get into this market as well. I was able to bring in new traffic and push data/leads to other companies as well. Finally I made the next step, which was to become a merchant. I would soon have my own affiliate programs spread across Commission Junction, WebSponsors, ShareaSale, DirectLeads, FineClicks and a few others. Through these affiliate programs I would go on to pay over ONE MILLION in commissions to affiliates. This was all started and running while I was still in high school.