How to Make Money with Academic Writing Affiliate Programs

One of the greatest things about the world of internet marketing and business is that there is always going to be someone to find a way to monetize anything. We’ve seen this with social networks, mobile applications, content writing, online courses and everything in between. No matter what it is, people will find a way to make money with it — and even more so if they’ve provided a solution to people’s needs, or simply a way for someone to not work, yet still get more accomplished.

A perfect example of this can be seen with “Back to School” shopping, which generates billions of dollars every year. Not only is it a great business model, it’s one that also happens time and time again like clockwork. If you have a business or way to make money with anything relating to education and schools, you know you are going to make money year after year.

However, there are some other ways to make money off this niche event and target audience that you may not have even thought possible. While unethical in the eyes of most people, I am simply here to portray the industry and different ways people and brands are making money online.

This latest trend is through the use of “academic writing services“.

Making Money with Academic Services

Similar to a content writing service like TextBroker, there are also independent niche-focused sites that offer academic and professional writing services to anyone “who simply doesn’t have the time” to complete such writing projects on their own.

The concept of these sites is really nothing out of the ordinary — except that they have a target audience of students and professionals, who are usually expected to be doing their own writing. However, at the same time, people are searching for these types of services online, and are paying for them in the process.


All of which comes back to internet marketing, and why it makes perfect sense for these content creation networks to have an affiliate network of their own as well.

Today we are going to look at one of these networks, see the types of offers they are promoting and also how affiliates can make money in the process.

However, before doing so, I want to make it clear that anyone using or promoting these sites are doing so at their own will and risk. Plagiarism is serious business and not something you want to mess around with, but it’s likely going to happen anyway. This business of outsourced academic writing can be compared to that of cigarettes — it’s probably not good for you, but people are going to do it anyway.

With that said… let’s take a look at byOffers Affiliate Network and what they have to offer.

byOffers Academic Wrting Network

byOffer is an affiliate network, focused solely on the concept of academic writing services. Like most ad networks, the platform makes it easy for anyone to join, select offers and start promoting them throughout the internet. However, unlike other ad networks… only writing service based offers will be found on byOffers. Such services offered by these sites and offers include essays, reports, dissertations for doctoral or masters’ degrees, and other types of academic writing.


Before jumping into the specs of the network and the different offers to choose from, one thing I really do like about the network and their design is how they list their top webmaster earnings on the main page. Not only is this a cool way to show sites are actually making money with the service, but it’s also a great motivation factor for any network to promote to their audience.

While their top partners aren’t earning thousands of dollars daily, you do have to consider the niche audience and lack of competition in this space. Still, with top affiliates earning around $10,000 a month, it’s nothing to sneeze at.


As mentioned earlier, all of the offers on the network are education and writing based, which means you will likely earn a high-CPA or a rev-share based on any referred customers. There is also a commission plan in place for affiliates to earn lifetime commissions on referred customers as well. More on that later…

In addition to earning money with writing networks like byOffers, the option is also there to outsource your writing through other freelance marketplaces and custom writing sites. In an effort to better serve your audience and save time, sites like make it easier for anyone to do a short write up on the type of content they are looking for, then paying to have it completed by a professional writer. The benefit here is that you can hire someone to create original content for your site, while also promoting a writing affiliate program in the process.

byOffers Affiliate Dashboard

As with most affiliate networks, once you sign up and get approved for an account, you will then have access to a members area where you can select offers and change any important account details needed. From this familiar HasOffers powered dashboard area, you can also pull reports, see quick stats from the apast 7 days and also view any recent news or offers being added to the network.


Since most affiliate marketers are already familiar with the concept of affiliate networks and the HasOffers platform, we can move along to the actual offers found on the network.


ByOffers Offers and Payouts

As mentioned earlier, you will only find education and academic writing services on byOffers. This makes it quite each and niche for any affiliates looking to promote such offers.

Through the screenshot below, you can see many of these offers pay out quite nicely — with rev-share in the 55% range and CPA’s of $15+ on referred customers.

It’s also important to note that ByOffers is accepting traffic and customers from all around the world. This includes the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Arab Emirates.


There are currently over 20 different offers available on the network, though many of them are for the same sites and just available in different payout structures (CPA/rev-share).

What a Typical Writing Offer Looks Like

Below you will find a screenshot of what it looks like when you click on one of the offers you want to promote. You will see a preview of the actual site or landing page, along with details on the offer, a summary, conversion flow process, payout structure and any restrictions that might be in place (like no email, spam or fraud).


When you visit the landing pages of the offers available on ByOffers, you will understand the concept of these sites and why they work so well. It’s essentially a premium writing services for academic and professional service. Below you will see a breakdown of how you can select the type of paper you want, the grade/education level, subject, topic, sources, paper format and much more.


The final price of a project will change based on the different options selected above. There is a minimum purchase of $30 required, with a rate of $7.50 per page. So if an affiliate was to promote this offer on a 55% rev-share, they would be looking to make at least $15 per referred sale.

Payments are sent out to affiliates through PayPal, Payoneer or wire transfer as soon as the minimum threshold of $50 has been met — which could be accomplished off just one order. Also, since these sites are pretty direct in what they are offering, affiliates are likely to see higher conversions rates as well.

Make Money Promoting byOffers Writing Services

In the world of affiliate marketing, the concept here is nothing new — promote a service and get paid for any referred customers.

However, in the world of education and content creation, this probably isn’t the type of offer many people would want to promote to their audience. Though… as mentioned before, there is always going to be a way to find an audience and monetize whatever it is they are looking for.

Millions of people are searching for content writing services online — for whatever reason it might be. That audience has a need and once they find a solution, they are going to purchase it. Should an affiliate marketer want to take an advantage of this opportunity, byOffers might be a great way to do that.

At the end of the day, plagiarism is wrong… and don’t do anything stupid that could get you in trouble. I’m simply letting you know the opportunity exists, and that people are making money off this new found opportunity that apparently has a massive demand.

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