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When delivering a speech to an audience, you need to not only have a powerful message, but also empower it with a professional look and feel. It’s amazing how many speakers will still go up on a stage and use the basic templates that Microsoft has to offer. Even more surprising is when they use images that don’t blend in well with the slides or fonts that are too small and colors that don’t mix.

In short, if you put any value into what you and your business has to offer — don’t leave your audience thinking about how horrible your slides were, and not remembering your end message.

This also doesn’t apply to just public speakers. Microsoft PowerPoint and Mac Keynote are also used for online webinars, Slideshare uploads, sharing data decks with investors and of course in everyday meetings and data report sharing. No matter what you are using slides for, make sure they look great!

To help alleviate the pains of not knowing how to create or fully customize your own PowerPoint slides, we are going to take a look at – a site that provides access to a constantly growing gallery of PowerPoint templates designed to help professionals create slide decks.

SlideModel – A Better Solution for PowerPoint Presentations

The age of hiring custom designers and experts is over. Now through the use of crowdsourcing and marketplace type sites, it’s never been easier and faster to get more done. This is certainly the case with; which allows anyone to subscribe to their site and access a wide range of different presentations templates, slide designs, diagrams, data charts, tables and more. With such a platform in place, this not only gives instant access to premium slides for presentations and data sharing, but also eliminates wasted time, money and resources while waiting for different parties to connect and create a template to your liking.


The site is extremely simple to use and quite straightforward. At any time you can search for a specific theme or topic for a template on their site by using the search box. Also you can search through  categories listed on the left side of the page or by contextual categories in the top menu. If you are more the navigational searcher, you can browse the gallery through paged results and click on any templates that might peak your interest.

Once you find a template you like, you click on it to learn more information.

As an example, when clicking on the Company Profile PowerPoint Template, I was sent to a page like the one shown below. Each slide template on the site has their own breakdown like the one below, which includes:

  • Screenshot of all slides available within each template.
  • Slide details with total number of slides and user ratings.
  • Supported versions (PowerPoint, Keynote and supported versions).


In addition to finding a wide variety of PowerPoint templates and slides, it’s also good to note that SlideModel also has PowerPoint Diagrams as well.

Diagrams are ideal for replacing text rich slides with more descriptive visual representations. For example, when describing a process instead of using a bullet list (or built-in smart art) you can select a professionally designed diagram to replace the text. Also very helpful to describe structures as an Organization, as well as to prevent Death by PowerPoint.

If you have a data-rich report or are working with a company that loves to use fancy graphs and charts, SlideModel also provides Dashboard Templates, a huge asset and time saver for your business and presentation efforts. The following Youtube video shows an example of one of the dashboard templates being used in a business presentation.


Downloading Files and Customizing Slides

Don’t you just hate it when you buy something online and download the product to find that it wasn’t exactly what you were expecting? Yes, I hate that too!

However, that wasn’t the case with SlideModel. I logged into my account, downloaded a PowerPoint slide and then opened it within Keynote and had no problems at all with customization, formating or having it saved and displayed in the proper format.


As mentioned earlier, be sure to confirm all working versions and compatible software before downloading your desired template.

SlideModel Subscription Plans

Preparing for your presentation and pulling all of your content together is a very timely process. With that being said, the last thing you want to do is blow through all of your time and resources to try and learn how to create a custom or fancy looking PowerPoint slide of your own.

This is especially true when you look at the low costs associated with using a site like SlideModel! (pricing structure).

Access to SlideModel is charged on a timely basis, as in days, months and annual access. The starter plan, called One Day Access provides a download quota of 5 templates for a period of 24hs.  — which would be perfect for anyone who is looking to make a one-time purchase for a rare presentation that they might have to deliver.

On the flip side, having access to the Annual Unlimited plan might be the best option for a brand or business that continually holds meetings or has employees preparing presentations to market the company.  The Unlimited Plan offers unlimited downloads, access to priority support, direct uploads to cloud accounts (Dropbox, Google Drive) and 10 seat licences to provide access to your team.

The middle ground area is the Annual Basic plan; targeted for professional speakers, executives and corporate employees the Annual Basic plan provides a high quota of downloads that will never let you down. It also provides access to the SlideModel support center where professional designers will reply to your questions and presentation needs.


Now that you’ve seen how easy it is to find and use high-quality PowerPoint slides, head over to and see what you can find. This site is a must for anyone currently doing presentations, webinars or sharing data of any kind.

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