Ad Networks Take Advantage of DirectTrack Going Down

Written by Zac Johnson
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Over the past few days I’m sure you’ve had the pleasure of working with an affiliate network that has been down due to them running off the DirectTrack software. Even if you weren’t working with a network running off everyone’s favorite solution, you did probably hear about the downtime issues and maybe even saw how a few ad networks were taking advantage of their competitors being down.

I received a few entertaining emails from other networks yesterday, enticing users to of DirectTrack networks to actually run offers with network that are fully up and running. You can see them sitting in my inbox below.

Congrats on your swift action, AdKnowledge, Epic Advertising and AKMG all got creative when their competition was down!

So how did these companies take advantage of Direct Track being down? They sent out mailings to their affiliates of course! Trying to get them active and start running offers from networks with reliable tracking platforms that are up and running. The first email received on the topic was from Adknowledge, then Epic Advertising and AKMG followed. I’m sure there were a few other networks that sent out mailings that I wasn’t signed up with.

Here are what two of the mailings looked liked.

AdKnowledge “Direct Track” Mailing

As mentioned, AdKnowledge was the first email I received from a network about the Direct Track issues and attempts to pull over any active affiliates looking to promote offers. This was a simple call to action email that went out to active affiliates of the network, letting everyone know they are up and running and has offers waiting to be promoted.

Epic Advertising “Direct Track” Mailing

The mailing from Epic Advertising was short and sweet. Letting everyone know that Direct Track has been down for over 24 hours, and that Epic Advertising wants your business and has a running platform in place.

AKMG “Direct Track” Mailing

The mailing from AKMG was also right to the point, letting everyone know that Direct Track was down, and went into a bit of detail about AKMG’s tracking solution and their offers. Again, a well made attempt at grabbing the attention of any active affiliates out there not running AKMG offers, and anyone possibly affected by DirectTrack downtime.

So what does this mean for the future of Direct Track driven networks?

Networks running off Direct Track haven’t had the best reputation in the past, and it’s not a favored tracking solution by many affiliates. With the most recent outages, I’m sure the networks running Direct Track have been put through hell and their reputation is now on the line. What will the future of Direct Track driven networks be like, and what will Direct Track do to make sure something this doesn’t happen again?… Because if it does, you know the other networks are just waiting to make examples out of them!

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  1. I've noticed a lot of affiliate companies have switched away from Direct Track. When they were down it made me switch a lot of my product links to those companies who were using alternative tracking software.

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