How to Make Money with AdCombo Affiliate Network

Written by Zac Johnson
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Some people might tell you that all affiliate networks are fundamentally the same. Those same people probably aren’t the ones who are making the most money online, because they’re not looking for the most attractive and lucrative opportunities. The truth of the matter is that the devil really is in the details and it’s the little things that will make all the difference.

And so we turn our attention to AdCombo, a CPA advertising network that aims to provide the best possible ROI for publishers and advertisers alike. Better still, they want to make the process as seamless and as quick as possible.

Changing CPA Marketing Forever

It’s a rather bold statement to make, especially in as competitive a space as affiliate marketing, but there it is front and center on the AdCombo homepage. It’s not that they want to change CPA marketing forever; it’s that they’ve already done it.


Providing what they call an all-new solution, AdCombo is an affiliate network currently populated by hundreds of different offers across a number of industry verticals. As with other networks, you simply refer targeted traffic to the advertiser’s landing page and you get paid with each successful conversion.

One of the biggest differences that you’ll experience with AdCombo compared to other networks is its relative speed and efficiency. With some other networks, you need to first choose your offer, wait to get approved for that offer, make your own landing pages and prelands, analyze the campaign, and wait as many as 90 days to get paid. AdCombo streamlines all of that.

Benefits to Publishers

Rather than wait to get approved for each individual offer in the network, you can start promoting any of them right from the get-go. There’s no waiting game. AdCombo says that as a publisher, you’ll take less than 24 hours for everything. As soon as the lead is in the system, it’ll show up in your stats report.


This is all accessible through the affiliate dashboard shown above. The key navigation is located in the left sidebar, making it easy to see everything from network news to your referral history. If you choose PayPal, WebMoney or Paxum as your payout method, the minimum threshold is a mere $50 US.

The main page for the dashboard provides all the at-a-glance information that you need, including clicks, conversions, revenue, holds and rejects, as well as your total revenue for the calendar year. You’ll also notice the live chat function for whenever you may have any questions or require assistance.

Another great benefit worth noting is that AdCombo is very much interested in monetizing your global traffic. Offered without charge to all affiliates is access to their web design and localization team. Need a landing page translated into one of 40 other languages? You can order that right through the dashboard.

Looking for Lucrative Offers

At the heart of any great affiliate network is a selection of exceptional affiliate offers. Remember that sheer numbers don’t matter as much here as quality does. It doesn’t matter if a network has thousands of offers if they’re all junk.


As of this writing, AdCombo boasts north of 750 offers in its inventory. Many of these are basically duplicates, as they are meant to target different geographic regions. You might see the same offer being promoted in Italy as you see being promoted in Spain. The CPA can vary, because the advertiser might see a varying level of value associated with leads or sales in each country.

Sorting through the offers is a reasonably straightforward affair, allowing you to filter based on country, categories, traffic source, and conversion type, including multiple selections. You can also save any offers to your list of “favorites” for ease of access or punch in the offer ID to get straight to something specific.

The variety of offers that you’ll find in the AdCombo network is quite expansive. There are offers related to gaming, dating, e-commerce, health products, home improvement, business opportunities, coupons, insurance, food, mobile, music and movies, sports, and freebies.

A great number of the offers are cash on delivery, which should really help with your affiliate cash flow. I did find a very large number of adult-oriented offers that are perhaps best suited for adult websites. That is something you’ll want to keep in mind when thinking about signing up with AdCombo.

The Dynamic Tracking URL

Like I mentioned above, you have full access to the entirety of the AdCombo inventory as soon as you are approved as an affiliate. You don’t need to request approval for each individual offer. When you click on any given offer, you are presented with a page similar to this.


Your unique tracking URL is shown toward the top (masking this URL is naturally very highly recommended). Below that, you’ll have the option of using up to four subaccounts. And below that, you can see the available landing pages and prelanding pages. Clicking on the “world” icon next to any of these brings up the live preview.

What’s great here is that you’ll notice the series of checkboxes next to all the landings and prelandings. What this means is that by using a single tracking URL, you can send your traffic dynamically to these different landing and prelanding pages. You can also minify the script if you’d like.

Any restrictions are outlined to the right with the action flow described there as well; most will ask for an order on the sales page. You’ll also notice the offer preview to the right. At the bottom of the offer page are basic details like the country, current EPC (earnings per click), the payout commission, the allowed traffic source, the conversion type, and the offer category.

Just the Right Combination?

It wouldn’t be fair to say that AdCombo is the largest CPA network out there or even the one with the highest payouts or the most robust back-end system. What is fair to say is that all the most important pieces are in place to allow for a very lucrative opportunity.

The efficient workflow is a really big perk here. You are pre-approved for all offers, payouts are fast with low thresholds, and a number of landing and prelanding pages have already been designed on your behalf. Access to a localization time is a huge perk too. This could be a winning combination for the right affiliate marketer.

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