Ads Direct – Performance Marketing at It’s Best

Written by Zac Johnson
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With all of the affiliate networks out there, it’s always a game in itself to find out which are bests. Ads Direct is a network that has been doing extremely well with running all of their own internal offers and are looking to expand their network of affiliates to drive leads for their network.

Unlike other networks out there that share all of the same offers, Ads Direct has a great reputation for pushing some amazing volume and high quality leads in the health and beauty niche. Ads Direct was recently named the #1 Performance Marketing Company. This is mainly due not only for the quality and volume that Ads Direct can provide, but also that the company has expanded their reach to more than thirty countries across the world and have established themselves as a top international performance based marketing firm.

Publishers and Advertisers Find Success with Ads Direct

As mentioned, Ads Direct is mainly focused on the health and beauty niche, but they are always looking to expand their business opportunities with new publishers and advertisers across the world.

Ads Direct is known not only for its “possibilities,” but also for its execution. The company focuses on generating the best-qualified traffic, and ultimately delivers its clients an average of 27% increase in customer retention. Ads Direct offers an insightful approach when managing media buys.

If you are looking for amazing new offers to promote and generate revenue with, or looking to expand the volume and reach of your health and beauty relates business, either as a publisher or an advertiser, you need to look into joining the Ads Direct network.

Ads Direct Blog & Resources

In addition to running a successful ad network, Ads Direct also has an excellent blog with quality content. Though there isn’t a ton of blog posts on the site so far, the ones that are available are quite informative and interesting to read. I’ve listed a few of them below.

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