AdsBridge Review – Link Tracker and Landing Page Builder

When it comes to running success ad campaigns and a legitimate business online, you need to be able to track your results at all times. We aren’t just talking about click, revenue and costs… we are talking about really breaking down your total campaign stats and looking at everything to see where there is room for improvement and weeding out what’s not working.

Every online marketer and brand needs to have the following options available at all times

Easy to use traffic distribution system – Marketer want to focus on creating winning ad campaigns, not learn a whole new tracking system.
Real-time stats – Your campaigns and ad spending happens in real time, your stats reporting should be too.
Unlimited custom domains – Direct linking to ad campaigns and using only one redirect is no longer an option.
– Secure cloud hosting – When it comes to paid traffic sources, only the fastest and best hosting will do.

Not only are all of these components key to finding success online, but they were also requirements for AdsBridge when creating their next generation tracker and landing page builder.

While there are many solutions out there already for tracking ad campaigns, split testing results and creating landing pages… AdsBridge have brought them all together into one powerful platform — which I must say is pretty sweet!

How AdsBridge Can Make You More Money

As mentioned earlier, to make money and find success online it’s all about creating effective ad campaigns that drive results. Years ago this was quite easy, as anyone could throw up a simple HTML landing page, buy traffic and make money on the difference. Now the competition is much higher, there are many different types of traffic to go after and landing pages now need to be easy accessible through desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

All valid points and considerations that AdsBridge had to implement when creating their platform.


To get things started, we can look at the three major components that make up the AdsBridge platform and show you how each can help you make more money online and scale out your campaigns without the need to use 2-3 different services in the process.

Landing Page Creation

Landing pages are the secret sauce to finding success with online ad campaigns. Most advertisers don’t allow direct linking to their affiliate links anymore, which is fine because most online marketers are smart enough to create their own landing pages that are focused on a niche audience.

For example, if you wanted to promote an affiliate offer, you might have to hire a designer to create a custom landing page for you or purchase a template from another landing page site that you can then edit to your liking. This is fine, but again… it takes time, resources and extra money.

AdsBridge already has landing page creation and setup built right into their platform. To get started, all you would need to do is click on the “Landing Page” section in your account, then choose whether you want to start from a blank page, use one of their templates or use a self hosted landing page.


As you can see below, AdsBridge has a wide selection of landing page templates for you to choose from. It’s also important to note that these aren’t your typical landing pages that you see offered on most sites… these ones are actually very high in quality and similar to ones big brand names are using. Dating, Health, Downloads, Sweepstakes, Travel… there is a wide variety of templates for each.

AdsBridge Landing Page Templates

Once you find a landing page you like, click it and then head over to the editor. In this area you can customize the complete look and feel of your landing page in the easy to use drag-and-drop editor. This service along puts AdsBridge ahead of the curve against many tracking systems, as many marketers are paying $50+ a month just to access a lead page generator.


Managing Traffic Distribution and Tracking Your Campaigns

After creating your landing page, it’s time to start tracking your affiliate / ad campaigns and traffic distribution.

As with most tracking solutions, you can setup and sort campaigns based on their geographic location, traffic source, traffic type and much more. All of which can be tracked, managed and analyzed through the AdBridge dashboard, which can be seen below.


Once inside the AdsBridge dashboard and system, you will get full access to everything their platform has to offer. I’ve highlighted some of the key areas and features within their tracking area below.

Flexible targeting options – Running ads campaigns across the board to all traffic types no longer works. To make the most of your ad campaigns you need to take advantage of multiple targeting options such as language, country, browser, OS, device, mobile operator, time and day.

Optimize Your Campaigns – Keeping your campaign optimized is key to keeping it profitable overt time. AdsBridge offers fully automatic campaign optimization settings that allow you to configure the best results for your traffic and conversions.

Alert Notifications – The only thing worse than running an ad campaign and not having it profitable, is running a campaign on full blast and having your landing page or the advertiser going down! Should anything happen to your existing campaigns, the AdsBridge system will automatically contact your through email, SMS or any other notification systems you prefer.

Conversion Tracking – Place a simple tracking pixel on your site or advertiser confirmation page, and you will immediately have access to your stats and conversions in real time!

Powerful Reporting – Ad campaigns aren’t just about the leads and revenue they generate, it’s also about the powerful goldmine of data as well! AdsBridge’s system can be configured to your specific reporting needs and allow you to download fully customizable data reports to your liking.

AdsBridge Summary – Get In Now While It’s Still in Beta!

As you can see, AdsBridge really is an all-in-one solution for internet marketers and effectively tracking ad campaigns.

In addition to the summary above, I also wanted to show you this great walkthrough video from AdsBridge and how to setup a campaign using their platform.

AdsBridge is currently members to their site, which I must say is very competitively priced for the amount of services and features within their platform.

Adsbridge has two membership plans available; Free and Professional ($79/m). Two great options for online marketers to get setup with their campaigns, track performance and scale with time.

Stay up to date on the latest changes at AdsBridge by following their blog and becoming a member of their platform today.

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