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Written by Zac Johnson
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Mention Google Adsense to anyone that is making decent money online, and they will probably have something negative to say about it. It’s true… Adsense doesn’t get the love it deserves. As much as everyone loves to hate on the thought of running Google Adsense on their site and losing site visitors for pennies, Google Adsense did help pave the way to online advertising and affiliate marketing. It’s also safe to say, Google Adsense is the “easiest” way to make money with a web site.

Not only is Google Adsense the easiest way for anyone to make money with an established web site, but it’s also become a huge favorite in the blogging space. The thing about blogging, is so many people are blogging simply to blog, not many people are blogging for money or know how to make money. It’s easy enough for a blogger to copy and paste a code and maybe make a few bucks with Google Adsense.

One the other hand, making blogs that are strictly used for building tight niche sites and monetizing them with Google Adsense is another issue. There are literally billions of different tight niche sites that you could build a mini blog about and make a few dollars a day to a few hundred dollars a day (using Google Adsense) if you get indexed into Google, have decent content and the necessary backlinks.

Whether you are just looking for a new blog theme and would like to try out Google Adsense, or you want to take a stab at the mini blog / Google Adsense game, I’ve compiled a list of the top Adsense Ready WordPress Themes available around the web. All of the themes I have listed here are free to download, and I’ve also listed a few other useful resource sites at the bottom.

Golod Adsense Ready Theme:
A 3 column AdSense ready theme, which leaves a lot of room for customization and improvement with it’s header, social widgets and right/left columns.

Live Demo | Download | Template Home

Prosense Adsense Ready Theme:
A very simplistic 3 column AdSense ready theme that comes in three different colors. Easy user navigation and not forcing Adsense down the user’s throat, makes this a good choice among other Adsense ready themes.

ProSense | Download Prosense | ProSense Gray | ProSense Blue

Blueiz Adsense Ready Theme:
A simple design with a 2-3 column layout, but the proper ad placement and content, it won’t look like your typical bland Adsense ready theme.

Live Demo | Download

Monetizing the Web Adsense Ready Theme:
A very clean design which blends content and Adsense nicely. Leaderboard, skyscraper, regular banner ads and and content area Adsense spot all available with this theme.

Live Demo | Download | Template Home

SEOMaxAds Adsense Ready Theme:
This theme pack comes with 16 different themes for Google Adsense monetization. From the screen shot below you can clearly see how monetized the site is for Adsense placement as it’s right in the users face.

Live Demo | Download

Other Adsense Ready WordPress Theme Sources

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The Ultimate List Of Adsense Ready WordPress Themes

There is actually a large amount of Adsense Ready wordpress themes out there, but the few I selected have the best layouts and color schemes. If you know how to code a bit, you can easily download any of these themes and throw together a decent looking blog, but keeping the same Google Adsense concept in mind.

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      1. this is all new to me. I'm no dummy to the internet, but I've been looking and looking and looking……at setting up my own blog site with links that could make me a few bucks here and there……….do you have any GOOD links to how to set up a blog site….from a to z? Do I need to buy a domain name, what is the cost to setting up a blog web page, etc etc.

  1. Well, the templates look good. Actually, I know a little but don't have enough idea when it comes to Adsense. I optimize sites and I'm also planning to try this soon. Anyway, thanks for sharing this one.

  2. First of thanks for this all adsense theme.

    Question: Does this abide by the Google TOS? Would using this theme get your adsense account banned, because its mainly trying to get the users to click the adsense ads, i thought google would frown on these types of sites. Some experts have mentioned that at the very least Google would put these types of sites in the “supplemental” section and of course seriously affect your “ctr”.

    Not trying to rain on your parade, but what is your thoughts on this?

    1. Google Adsense shouldn't have any problem with these themes. Google cares about the quality of the content on the site, and that there aren't any methods (images) to make the people click on ads and having them think they are links to something else. Such as posting small thumbnail images next to adsense of hot girls, then the link next to it is for an education offer. The bottom line is, the quality of the content and site traffic.

  3. I chose Socrates for several of my sites, not based on their Adsense readiness, but on the easy of use.

    What I found is it is also very Adsense friendly. Any experience or thoughts on this theme Zac?

    1. Socrates and Thesis are both decent themes for Adsense, as they don't have much distraction to the user. The ProSense theme also does very well for content placement and higher click through rates.

  4. Zac this was some great information that you shared.
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  5. I don't think that I would put Adsense on my personal blog unless it yelded a high CPC. Adsense is great for all those niche markets that people pay a high CPC for.
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  6. I've been trying some templates out for my adsense blog. Have you tried these ones before? If so which one worked best for you?

      1. I need help with understanding all that is involved with setting up a blog site, can you help?

  7. Nice collection Zac. Among the fact that they're adsense-ready, they look quite good too. Though I'm more of a plugins fan and I enjoy picking the theme to match the content/activity and with the help of some wonderful plugins, separately integrate adsense as well.
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  8. I wish I could find out about these themes before my adsense account got banned for some reason that I don't do. Do you think that these themes would work with adbrite or bidvertiser?

  9. I am not sure why anyone would want to use adsense. With a little proper planning, I think you can triple your profits with funneling traffic into a legitimate product as an affiliate.

  10. this is all new to me….. I want to create my own blog and make a few bucks in the process, but mainly my own blog. I've been doing the research which lead me here. I'm looking for more solid info about setting up a blog site with minimal or no cost. Do I need to buy a domain name first and set up a blog website? How easy or hard is this going to be, I'm no dummy but I am looking for a little more info to get started….. please!!!

  11. Prosense is one of the best free Adsense ready theme with its varied color schemes. I've used it before and its great to try it. We can customize it easily as we like.

  12. pretty good post, zac! will try it out… i just ask my brother to put my codes for me in my adsense coz i don't know how to put the codes.
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  13. Very nice assortment of themes. I usually just use an AdSense plugin, but will keep these in mind.

    What do you think of the new changes to the AdSense interface?
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  14. Thanks for the awesome templates! Grabbing one of them right now to modify and use for a niche site that I'm working on.
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  15. I am not sure why anyone would want to use adsense. With a little proper planning, I think you can triple your profits with funneling traffic into a legitimate product as an affiliate.
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  16. Hey Zac I really in search of adsense ready wp templates and I found from your blog. Thanks for sharing

  17. All templates are great and totally search engine and as well as user friendly to make ad-sense income in short time. Thanks for sharing with. Looking for some more premium template to create word press blog more eye catching with ad-sense.

  18. Really Great Collection, I Love Prosense WP Theme.
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  19. These are a good starting point for adsense optimized sites, thank you for sharing them
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  20. First of All, Thanks for sharing this easy and quick modified templates for Google Adsense. Being expert of Google Adsense, your templates are pretty easy to modify and also to add Google Adsense.

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