AdTech NY 2007 Recap

Written by Zac Johnson
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Yesterday I stopped by AdTech at the Hilton in NYC. Just by glancing over the exhibitor list, I knew it was going to be big. Once I arrived, I realized how massively huge it was! A couple years ago there were only two floors of exhibitors, this time there were three floors and they were all super packed. The Hilton even had to open a whole new section, which wasn’t used in previous years. In addition to all of the exhibitors, the traffic flowing through the isles was pretty intense too.

The event is still going on today and tomorrow, but I decided to hit the exhibits on Monday so I can focus on getting all my of stuff together for BlogWorld in Vegas. I’ll be leaving around 5am wednesday morning, making sure I arrive for the first few parties and networking events.

Here are a few pictures from AdTech NY 2007.

Me and Jordan rocking out at the NeverBlueAds booth.
This year they were giving away an autographed guitar from Nelly Furtado.

Spending some time with two of my good friends
Missy Ward and Shawn Collins, who run Affiliate Summit.

I also got to meet up with another longtime friend of mine, Jonathon Miller.
Jonathon runs ForgeBusiness and flew in from South Africa for the event.

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14 Replies to “AdTech NY 2007 Recap”

  1. Man I wished I lived in NYC. I am about 10 hours away. Oh well, maybe next time.

  2. The NYC Hilton Towers is really a great place, had a lot of fun there, at the SES this year. I’m glad you like it!

  3. Would've really liked to make it this year. I've heard great things about the past events but I couldn't spare the time off. damn it!

  4. Oh – and I agree bmunch. You really do resemble the guy in your header. Nice sketch.

  5. great to run into you at adtech! looks like you had a blast at blogworld. really bummed that i missed it but just could not make it out there this year. looks like jim and stephanie put on a great show.

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