Advaliant Ultra Green Tea Lean Affiliate Contest

Up and coming affiliate network Advaliant, is holding a promotion this month to award top affiliates on their promotion with a very successful offer called Ultra Green Tea Lean. Original Advaliant was going to award the top SEVEN affiliates, based upon their leads sent for the month… I received an email yesterday letting me know that they are increasing their cash prizes award to 15 more affiliates… making it a total of 22 affiliate prizes. Here’s how the affiliate cash prizes are broken down.

In addition to hefty commissions, 22 affiliates will receive cash awards!

The prizes amounts will be awarded based on overall volume for the month on the Ultra Green Tea Lean offer. I’m doing fairly well with the offer, but I’m not pushing enough volume to rank in the FIVE award amounts, so I figured I would share this promotion with everyone else as well.

A quick test campaign shows this offer has a lot of potential!

Based off my current stats and ad groups, the offer is earning around .50 – .80 per click, which is pretty good. I didn’t do much at all with this campaign, as I just threw a couple ad groups together to see some initial stats and how it converts. With a high paying commission of $26 per lead, there is definitely room to test and improve on these numbers.

Advaliant Ultra Green Tea Lean Offer:
So what exactly is the Green Tea offer everyone is promoting? Well, first off, the campaign pays a $26 commission on every lead. A lead is anyone sent to your landing page and requests a free 30 day trial (cc required). The landing page is setup nicely and there are a bunch of different creatives for you to test and play with.

An Excellent Landing Page = Great Converting Offer

I’ve been an affiliate with Advaliant for several months now and met with them at Affiliate Summit West. If you aren’t already an affiliate with Advaliant, I recommend you join now and start promoting this offer. Even if you can’t push heavy volume, you can still make some good money with this offer. And for those of you heavy volume pushers, the month is still early!

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  1. Wow. That looks like one high-flying offer that you could rack up some serious money by promoting. Thanks for the heads up. I’m definitely intrigued by that competition… a lot of money floating around in that one 🙂

  2. Oh yeah ! that's sounds great, Im not an Advaliant affiliate but since you recommend it I'll give it a try.

    Thanks Zac.

  3. I really like this offer. There are a ton of similar offers but it is the landing page which makes this one stand out from the pack.

    Nice to see we're hearing more and more about Advaliant as well. They have some good stuff going on at the moment.

  4. Zac,

    how do you come up with KWs for testing? Just go with generic weight loss KWs? I am having hard time to find cheap KWs for weight loss niche..

    anyway, I will signup under you….

    1. Since it's a high converting offer, you can pay a decent amount. Pay around .35-.50 per click, then pull out all of the keywords that are getting clicks and converting.

      You can use programs such as KeywordSpy or KeyCompete. These programs are great for grabbing thousands of related keywords and weeding out the good ones.

      1. So basically you are finding KWs getting clicks at $.30-$.50..because I am testing Hoodia offer and bidding at $2. to get ranked around 6-8…?

        so how many kws you puting in one adgroup? thanks for your time…

  5. Zac:

    I understand that you used the merchant’s lander for this offer. Is this what you typically do? Or, do you normally build your own lander for most of your campaigns?

    Also, when you build your own landing page, do you try to capture the visitor’s email before sending them to the offer?

    Any thoughts you have on this will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Jon Poland

    1. I like to send a bunch of traffic to a bunch of offers. Then if they convert, I will create a landing page. There will be a follow up post to this one on how to create landing pages.

      1. are you using Adwords or YSM? how do you get out of Adwords QS for directlinking? iframe when you testing offers?

  6. I’m new to this ppc . If I getting an 8% sale commission and the product cost about 50.00
    how much should be my max ppc ? Thanks in Advance Zac.

    Thank You,

    1. 8% of $50.00 = (50/100) x 8

      = $4

      You get $4 per sale, meaning You DEFINITELY do not want to pay more than $4 a click.

      Lets assume for every 20 clicks, you will get 1 sale (or should): 1/20 = 5% conversion rate meaning:

      $4/20 = $0.2 so if you set your bids at $0.2, you should not loose any money and actually make money.

      This is just an example, the best way to try is to test out a few bids at 10-20 cents higher than your recommended range to test out a campaign then either increase or decrease to match the conversion rate to net a profit.

      Good Luck!

      1. "Lets assume for every 20 clicks, you will get 1 sale (or should): 1/20 = 5% conversion rate meaning:"

        Unless you're giving away $100 cash. This is an extremely unreasonable expectation. A REALLY good conversion rate on a $50 promoted through the internet and PPC would be a maximum of 1% (generally).

    2. I like to aim for a minimum of 50% profit margins on ppc campaigns. Setup your campaign with different ppc amounts and try to make the volume and profit margin work best for you.

      Do you want more leads and lower margins, or higher margins and less volume?

  7. Thanks Abdalla Thanks Zac I'll give it a try I was bidding more than 4 dollars before. I'm learning something. 🙂

  8. I really need to get to work on this stuff. I am way behind. Thanks for the info Zac.

  9. I applied 3 days ago and I haven't heard from anything from You guys yet..

  10. While I doubt very much that I shall participate, I must express my appreciation for the very nicely prepared landing page. Simple, attractive and exhaustive.

  11. The payout looks generous and your conversion is awesome. I just dont see how I could make it work.

    I think the niche is too narrow and I would need a decent amount of cash to test this niche. Ok, Zac you are of course disagreeing with me but beats me.

    Hopefully in the near future I might venture into something like this.

  12. hey zac, i think im going to try this out. Is it too late to start? Do you have an update on how others are doing? any suggestions for keywords?

    1. You can check out the contest upsates at, he just posted them Sunday I think.

  13. Peter:

    I think your affiliate network – Advaliant, is great and I just applied for it. Hopefully I will be approved soon and work with your team.

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