Advaliant’s Much Improved New Interface

Having a great looking affiliate network isn’t that important, but it sure is nice. With so many network running off DirectTrack, it’s nice to see what non-dt run networks can come up with in design. Advaliant is a great network to work with, but they have had one of the nastier looking interfaces since going live. Fortunately, for Advaliant and all of their affiliates, their interface is no longer the ugliest on the block… and their new setup is actually pretty sweet looking.

Welcome Advaliant Affiliate
Once logging in you are offered a news stream of recent posts or events on the network. Stats reports for this month and prior, your affiliate manager information, referral link, contest info and more. The new layout sure beats the old green, black and white basic login page. Much easier on the eyes and more personable.

Stop Logging Me Out!
One of the most annoying features with the previous interface on Advaliant, was how you were continually logged out if you stepped away from their site for a bit. Now you can just click “remember me” when logging into their site, and you are in there for good.

Full Stats Tracking
The new stats area has a selection of different reports for you to pull up. The usual reports are in there, with a few advanced options and much better looking. While looking through “Payment History” reports, I really like how they show all of the wire transfers and their specific id numbers.

Searching Ad Campaigns
It wasn’t that hard to find campaigns on the old interface, but now they are in a much better format and layout. Search by type, keywords or use the category pull down menu for offer sorting.

More Campaign Details
Once you select a new ad campaign, you can clearly see all information on the campaign and what methods of promotion are allowed.

It was time for Advaliant to make a change to their interface, and I’m sure we are all happy with the result. While working with Advaliant, I’ve been very happy with their offers, continued support and reaching out to me for new promotions and offers.

If you haven’t already, click here to join Advaliant.

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  1. Hi Zac,

    Thanks for the post. I'm glad you like the new system, our team worked long and hard on this one! Looking forward to making 2009 a great year with you as well.


  2. zac, gotta disagree with you on one point. i say the a good looking interface is one of the more important thing (behind offers and CPA of course). one of the main reasons i didnt use advalint much is because their interface sucked (the other reason is that their tracking is less than accurate to say the least).

    but, great to see they've improved. geoff, my aff manager there, is pretty much the best in the business and i always wished he moved to another network….maybe ill give them a try again.

  3. Have you used Advaliant much?

    I sent a bunch of traffic through them. Sometime after I setup the PPC campaign the link went dead. Thank God I caught it before too much damage was done.

    I sent Richard over there an email about my problems and he told me to stop sending traffic. No shit… You think I would keep wasting my money? He did reply very quickly.

    He said it was fixed, but I still have problems logging in and my traffic does not track correctly. I sent another email about to Richard a few days ago, and he just never responded.

    Matthew I agree…

    You can't wrap a piece of dog shit with nice wrapping paper and make someone like it…

    Any ideas? After all I signed up through your link, so you are losing money…

  4. Hi! Recetly I logged in into AdValiant and was shocked at their really cool improvements. I even can see my EPCs right from the top.

    I also liked their Top offers column.

    To be frank, the previous login system was a complete s'''t – I wasn't able to login for hours!

    I keep on growing my expertise with PPC to CPA and my success in this field is pretty moderate. The main problem for me is a traffic volume – I guess Google content network is not the only source …

  5. First off – I think personally that Advaliant is one of the better networks that are out there even with there old crappy looking interface they had. As of right now they are the only network I am making good money with. The direct track networks I have always had bad luck with and have stopped using almost 100%

    I also feel the affiliate managers there are super good too and are willing to tell you where offers are converting. They also have some of the highest epc's around with one offer being 4.14 epc.

    To me the old interface was annoying but I was just happy with the fact that Richard, my affiliate manager actually new wtf was going on. He also pointed me into a direction for some great traffic at half the cost of adwords. I personally think I am done using adwords now. You other guys can pay the top dollar and fight with slapps – I will stick where I am. And a heads up – what I am using gave my first ad 83k impressions in under an hour, I also blu my budget in 6 minuets too…..lamo…. I never would of known about this traffic source if it was not for Richard pointing me to it. I am not an expert yet on where I am getting my traffic from but I will be soon enough.

    To me, that is what makes a good affiliate network the best – service and working with affiliates. A nice interface is a bonus.

    You know who has a nice interface – is motive – dame nice looking site. Just started with them Zac because of your contest.

    Regarding proper tracking and leads – I think all networks really need to improve on that area. On a different network (not advaliant) I personaly know of one conversion that went through or lead I mean and it does not show in my account. have talked to the person even who bought the product so I know for a fact there was one conversion. Crappy thing is – there is over 150 clicks pointing to that offer right now – wander how much I am losing?

    Hey – anyone know a good tracking system with a build in offer rotater to use that works well?

    Man- Zac you are pointing me in the direction of some great networks – keep it up.

  6. This CPA totally step up their game. They considered all of the suggestions of some of their top publishers and made the necessary changes to totally revamp their ad network

  7. I really like the full stats tracking, this will help me a lot. And, because of this, I have just signed up for this affiliate network.

  8. @peter bordes:

    I am all about loyalty Peter to those who work with me and not against.

    I had a conversation with a guy last night who is very frustrated right now with affiliate networks. He was running and offer with a firm, drove 300 plus clicks to the offer and had no conversions. He stopped running the offer because he felt it was dead. Then last night he got an email from the network (2 weeks after he stopped running the offer) that said the network was having some tracking problems and that he did have a conversion and his account was credited.

    Now, the positive to this was they credited him and admitted there was a problem. The bad thing is – from what I can tell – is there is no way for us affiliates to confirm 100% if a lead went through or not. So from a new affiliates point of view or for someone who is trying to build a budget like me that is kind of a very scary thing.

    This next part is not directed at you Peter or at Advaliant but is just a general comment, something that I have been noticing.

    With the cost of marketing online these days – a lot of marketers are starting to list build so they can get away from the costs of adwords. It's just to expensive – plan and simple – so now Google over the next few years is going to be losing a ton of cash because marketers are getting there own traffic sources so they don't have to pay for it anymore – just makes sense.

    If certain networks don't smarten up and start either improving there tracking systems and pay properly for leads or stop screwing new affiliates and make sure they get paid for what they have generated – even if it is just one lead, the same effect might just happen there as well. The middle man will lose their position in the market place and marketers will start going directly to the advisers. It's not hard to figure out who they are if you think about it.

    To me, that will be the next step as of right now certain networks really seem to be the weakest links and people will only stand to be frustrated so long. I am not saying all are bad, and maybe I am way off here and just really suck at what I do – but – it sure seems the affiliate marketer (who has the most work to do) seems to be the one who is out the money in most cases and out of a possible career as well.

    I guess my point here is Peter – the affiliate networks that bust there asses to be honest and work with there affiliates and improve there user interface will be the ones left standing when the frustration levels start over flowing!

    So far – you guys are doing a great job – keep it up!

    OH – just a little shout out to ML for adding tutorial videos to there site to help affiliates get started in their network. That was very nice to see too this past week.

  9. Thanks for the good review on advalient. I'm not a member of it yet but I have been looking for affiliate networks to join to help boost my earnings. I think I am going to take great consideration in this one. Looking at your screenshots, they look very professional and high quality. Thanks a bunch.

  10. Well this interface really looks user friendly to me. It's quite a great reviev you just gave, I honestly haven't heard of these guys til this article. I might give them a try soon 😉

  11. Your complaints about the interface remind me of CJ's interface. It surprises me that the biggest affiliate network in the world, CJ, can have a user interface that is so old and clunky.

  12. @Sean W.:

    Sorry to hear about his. Please shoot me an email and I’ll look into this for you ASAP. Let’s get to the bottom of it.

    jmanhas at advaliant dot com.

    Jivan Manhas

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