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I’ve always loved animals, and would do anything to help those in need. This month I’d like to give back to those animals in need. All revenue generated from the “Top Spots” section on this blog this month, will go towards the Animal Humane Society.

My Best Friends: Timber, Wolf, Sandy (You’ll Be Missed!) & Rocky

If you would like to advertise on this blog, or make a donation towards the Animal Humane Society (and get some free advertising for it), simply click the “Get in My Top Spots!” link to the right and fill out the form. Your text link will appear on the blog for 7 days, and all proceeds will go towards the Animal Humane Society, and you will also receive a free tshirt if requested. At the beginning of next month, I’ll make a post with the total earnings and show a check made out for the donation amount, I will also provide a backlink to all participating blogs and web sites. I will also personally match your donation amount for the month! ScratchBack will also not take any profits from any advertising donations made either, which means a full $25 will go towards The Humane Society!

Due to an excellent turn out rate for donations, the “Top Spots” has been increased to 10 spots for this month only, as all earnings are going towards charity. In addition to getting a free shirt, any new donations/advertisers will also receive some free magnets, “I Make Money Online!” stickers and pens, to make up for the additional ad links. Your donations are greatly appreciated.

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  1. I have an office Yorkie that thinks he is a Rottweiler. I think this is pretty cool of you to do man and I am purchasing a top spot right now.

  2. Zac, I'm a fan of your blog and I love animals too. I just sent in my donation. Great promotion, keep up the good work. Emma

  3. Hey Zac, just sent in the topspot dough. We are seo linkbait comedy pranksters. But we have a heart for pets too. I see the spots are filling up.


  4. Great way to have things go to a GREAT cause. Maybe Mr. Chow should learn from you instead of spending $100,000+ a year 😛


  5. Mike, I know you are joking but still – John works hard for his money and probably does give a fair bit more than the average income earner to charity 😉

    Jac, Nice promo mate. I'm thinking of doing something similar on my blog when i have my launch contest

  6. What a great idea, Zac! I love your blog and I'm all about giving back too. I just sent in my tip and it has a nice lil twist. You see, my "Top Site" link is promoting my MPM Giving Center (instead of my blog). So, by donating $25.00 to get a Top Site link I'm not only helping the Humane Society because of your generosity… I'll also be getting closer to reaching my donation goals for World Vision and the World Wildlife Fund when someone signs up because of the exposure I'm now getting by having a "Top Site" on your blog! How's that for leveraging the power of giving? 🙂

    I can't wait to see how this all works out!


    P.S. Oh yeah, AND I get a free T-shirt too! How awesome is that?

  7. Love animals but don't love them as much as you do. I like your idea though. Good Job.


    permanent sig. -> Where is my shirt?

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