Advertising Across Major Social Networks with SociBuzz

One of the best ways to create ad campaigns and see instant results is through the use of social media. Thanks to networks like Twitter and Facebook, you can have access to over a billion users. Just reaching a small fraction of this audience could result in a lot of incoming traffic and leads for your business or sites. However, the problem still remains… how are you supposed to create ad campaigns on these social networks and reach the right audience?

A new solution that aims to solve this problem is SociBuzz, which is attempting to make the advertising process a lot easier for the anyone to grow out their ad campaigns through major social networks like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Blogger and all the other places you love to update and connect with friends. SociBuzz is currently in beta, but they are accepting user applications to try the network out and are also looking for some quality feedback on how they can better their site and services.

Creating an Account with SociBuzz

Once you sign up for a free account through their site, you will then get to fill in your personal details and all of your social networking sites. You can see in the screenshot below that I connected SociBuzz with my Twitter, Facebook and Google+ accounts, which resulted in a 15,557 reach (shown on right side). Since SociBuzz is focused on connecting as many people to as many social networks as possible, they also include YouTube, Tumbler, MySpace, Blogger and LinkedIn as well.

Below your account information you will also see the publisher opportunities. These are offers that you can send out to your social audience and you would receive a designated cost per click that you send to the advertiser. Right now there are only 9 different campaigns to choose from, but it’s also important to remember the site is currently still in beta.

Creating Ad Campaigns and Making Money with SociBuzz

This is where SociBuzz will be most interesting to online marketers, which opens the possibilities to make money through all of the different social network advertising options. When you create an account with SociBuzz, you can also start creating your own ad campaigns. When creating your ad campaigns, you can choose which social networks you want to accept for advertising, the type of Twitter accounts you would like to allow (based on follower amounts), worldwide targeting or country based, categories and lastly the amount that you are willing to pay per click and your end budget for the campaign. Depending on the social networks you select and your Twitter account preference, this will also affect the end cpc that you will have to pay per click through the network.

The Future of SociBuzz and Where Opportunity Comes Into Play

As mentioned earlier, SociBuzz is currently in beta, so that means there is plenty of room for growth and improvement. While many social users are open to the idea of making money with their accounts, targeting high end brands and users is another story. With the low amount of offers available, along with the lower cpc payout rates, it will be hard to attract this type of audience. SociBuzz also offers a ridiculously low minimum payout of $1 (through paypal) for their publishers, and also have catered to their advertisers with full tracking and fraud prevention which includes basic unique IP / GEO filtering and black list

There will always be money when the volume is there, and that is where opportunity for SociBuzz lies. Like other social media advertising networks out there, SociBuzz targets the majority of big social networking networks, while other services focus on just Twitter and Facebook. The site is currently in beta, but if approached efficiently, they could have a nice amount of volume flowing through their site. It all depends on how well the social users and advertisers get a value out of the service.

If you would like to look at the opportunities that SociBuzz has to offer in the world of social network advertising, sign up for a free account and also send them your feedback on what you like and how to improve their current site and services.

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