Increase Affiliate Earnings with BlackFox Network

Affiliate marketing is still one of the best ways to make money online. I get emails on a daily basis from blog readers asking me how they can start making money right away. The answer is always the same… start an ad campaign, back it up with some money and put in the time and effort to split test and tweak your ad campaigns until they are profitable.

It’s a science that works… but it also takes time and effort to master. This is where most people are getting it wrong.

Another problem is that when someone joins an affiliate network, the support and engagement usually stops there. Unfortunately this is where many ad networks are lacking and why the majority of affiliates sitting within their ad networks are just another random number instead of an asset to the company.

While big money affiliates don’t need support and daily engagement from network managers to propel their earnings and business to that next level, so many beginner/average affiliate marketers do. The networks that offers these services and show they care are likely the ones that will continue to pull in new affiliates that contribute to the success of the network instead of just joining and becoming a stale affiliate.

Todd understands this lack of support from ad networks all too well and has made the effort to teach others along the way. As a successful affiliate in prior years, Todd and his team now run the affiliate network at In addition to running the day to day operation at BlackFox, you will see Todd in many affiliate marketing forums actively answering questions and not only providing support for his network, but also any general questions relating to affiliate marketing as well.

You can see one of Todd’s recent discussions on WarriorForum below.

BlackFox Warrior Advise

What seems like basic knowledge to the average affiliate marketer can mean the difference between success and failure for someone who is just starting out or trying to scale their first campaigns.

Let’s take a look at how you can increase your earnings and affiliate knowledge with BlackFox.

Inside BlackFox Network

The majority of affiliate networks are all the same on the outside/inside… whether it be platform, payment threshold or offers within the next. The difference lies within the offers that are relative to your existing campaign market and how much the network can pay you per lead… and of course the support that comes with it.

BlackFox Network

Just to get some of the specs out of the way, BlackFox is running off the HasOffers platform and has a minimum payment threshold of only $100. Payments are sent out on a weekly basis for affiliates that earn $5,000 per week.

There are currently around 900 offers live on the network, many of which are dating, gaming, downloads and finance related with some of them paying up to $600+ per lead. We will be taking a look at a few of these now.

Legal / Injury Related Offers

The health and beauty niche is always going to make a lot of money, but the legal department related niche is always going to make more. There is currently a lead gen offer on BlackFox that is paying $300+ and while it’s quite a specific topic, conversions have been coming through in the 1% range, which means some affiliates are seeing $30+ earnings per click.  While it would be tough to scale this campaign to a high amount of leads per day, it could result in a high profit campaign with steady leads over time.

Consumer Injury

eCigs are Still Huge

With celebrities pushing ecigarettes on television commercials and more retails locations popping up everyday, making the same for ecigs online is becoming easier and easier. The hard part is getting your campaign in front of the right people. One of the best ways to do this is by creating your own ecig review site. Just think about it… before buying something or trying something new, what do you do first? You Google it of course! Create a ecig review site, list the reviewed items with your affiliate links and use organic or paid traffic to drive leads. This offer is paying in the $40 CPA range.


Gaming Related Offers

There’s always going to a market for gaming related offers. It doesn’t matter if they are mobile, download or web based… kids and adults alike are always looking for distractions online and reasons not to actually work on things that need to get done. For many of these distractions, I’m sure we can thank affiliate marketers, who are also cashing in while others play away. BlackFox has multiple gaming offers such as Super Mario, Pacman and Minecraft (which are downloads) that range in the .30-$1 range depending on the country selected. Promotional methods working best are banner placements on entertainment and gaming sites. Some gaming offers also allow for incentivized promotions.

Game Downloads

It’s All About Knowing How to Scale

The secret sauce to affiliate marketing isn’t about figuring out how to make a few thousand dollars over night now how to jump aboard the next hot campaign before it fizzles out… instead it’s about learning how to scale your campaigns over time for continual success. If you can make one campaign profitable, it’s very likely that you can do the same with others as well.

Take a few moments to head over to BlackFox and apply for their private network. Once approved, be sure to ask Todd about the best campaigns to run and how to can start scaling your campaigns for improved ROI.

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