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Written by Zac Johnson
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It’s always awesome to visit a company headquarters and see what really goes on behind their web site. To take things ever farther, I wanted to get a behind the scenes look a what some of the top affiliate and bloggers are working with. I sent out a few emails and had a great response rate for everyone to send in their work spaces pictures or to make a video. Here are some of the top affiliate and blogger work spaces out there!

Before showing you everyone else’s work space pics and videos, it would only be fair to show you mine first! πŸ™‚

here for full size pics.

Jim Kukral at

Mark Wielgus at

Ian Fernando at

Chad at

Jeremy Schoemaker at

Daniel Scocco from

We are a superior industry, just look at the amount of revenue that is generated per square feet for some of these top affiliates and bloggers. While other companies need to rent offices and hire huge staffs, many of us succeed and do very nicely by ourselves in our self maintained corners and office rooms.

What does your affiliate / blogging headquarters look like? If you would like to see your affiliate / blogger workspace featured in the next series, please send your name, web site url and link to your picture or video using the contact form.

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62 Replies to “Affiliate Bloggers Work Space”

  1. Shoe has his logo at the bottom of his pool? That’s awesome lol

  2. damnit, @Stak Loaded beat me to it! I was going to say how happy I was that Shoe has his logo in his pool.

  3. man I need a bed at the side of my computer desk so I can just fall a sleep and just pass out from all the marketing stuff. or even a nice video setup kukral got! nice nice

    thanks again zac!

  4. Zac,
    Great post! I can’t believe Jeremy has his logo on the bottom of his pool! How cool is that!?
    We will fly you down for a tour of our office when we move in a few months!

  5. Those are some amazing workspaces…and I can see how Shoemoney keeps by his name πŸ˜‰


    1. I don’t think it helps unless he posts his address too lol

    2. Ha! As if revealing so much personal information on a blog wasn't enough, now we have pictures of expensive stuff. I have to admit, though, that the pictures are compelling and provide quite the motivation. Still, I'd be weary of posting pictures of my pool!

      1. what's the big worry? that your pool will show up on Google Maps and have your address? lol. yeah, right.

  6. Your office is surprisingly professional and clean for a comic book guy lol…. this looks like a fun thing to do. Now I want to do a tour of my office on my blog lol.

    1. My desks have always been a mess… but with the new setup, I try and keep it clean. Just ignore the occasional box with a stash of mail and papers in them. πŸ™‚

  7. That's such great workplaces. Earning money and enjoying life can be well running together.

  8. Creative posts, nice to see all of the workspaces … some organized but wow, Shoemoney went all out with it with the pool, but hey, whatever you like, go for it.

  9. dang, ya'll got some nice diggs…sweet logo at the bottom of the pool Shoe!

  10. That Awesome Zac ! But if you wanna see a real damn workspace you should see mine πŸ˜€ Zak work space !

    I think i should blog about it to let everybody knows my office is.

  11. lol zac nice, thats alot of marvel stuff u got lol! hah awesome. cool videos, enjoyed.

  12. Haha, those are some great images/videos. I’m going to be featuring this story on my blog’s link run down… definitely an exciting post, and a morale booster to try harder at marketing to succeed like these guys did.

  13. Very nice workspace zac πŸ™‚ . I can't work without two big monitors in front of me. I use 2×20" and they are really usefull to work with several windows πŸ™‚

  14. Daniel needs a more comfortable chair that's for sure! the amount of time I spend on my PC I could never sit on that thing.

    Great post Zac!

  15. Jim Kukral seems to have a nice place but i bet he did a very intensive cleaning before the pictures were taken.

    Cant imagine it looks like this every day.

  16. Lately I’ve been using the floor and an ottoman for my laptop. Reason is with my 1yr. old it’s easy access to the lower level πŸ™‚

  17. It's cool to see office's of all super affiliates. I still dont have an office for myself but hopefully soon I can clean up a nice corner in my condo.

    btw Shoemoney's logo at the bottom of the pool rocks !!!

  18. Still haven't got my blogging office its actually but maybe i will get one in the future shoemoney's swimming people looks cool!

  19. I wonder what the deal is with the desktop and laptop computers? Like why do you need two on the same desk.

  20. My workspace is any free table at the local coffee shop. Someday I'll have my logo on the bottom of my pool and sit there blogging too. Great post.

  21. I liked Mr.Schoemaker's… LOL… it'll be nice working infront of a swimming pool!! πŸ˜€

  22. It's good to have both a pc and a notebook, as in corporate we need to go out at various places and for that a pc won;t be useful as i always keep a pendrive and a notebook wid me for my business deals.

  23. nice setup dude! and i really like the robot toy case, very nice.. and the Darth helmet rocks too.

  24. That’s all very impressive and everything but now people know the things that you have, while the secrets of super affiliates should be bought for a price for value, but the giving away of your own office layouts and possessions just seems a mistake to me, I know I wouldn’t do it to reinforce my own affiliate earning brand or ego!

    Nice cribs style feel to it though!

  25. Hi Zac Johnson,

    It is really nice post with have nice collection of nice video and have good photo.keep it up this nice sharing…

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  27. On my sites, especially technical ones 63% of my visitors are using a higher resolution than 1024×768, which means that themes designed for 1024 width have a lot of dead space on the sides.

  28. What a great office you have it put mine to shame! I guess i will have to try harder to achieve what you have managed to do. Thanks

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