Affiliate Marketing and Blog Design Contests

Last I held a contest promotion with MarketLeverage and the referral with the highest earnings, would go on to win a new Apple iPod Touch. I’m happy to announce that, Michael Heinz was the referral with the highest earnings during July.

Even though the contest promotion has come to an end, you can still take advantage of Triple Rewards this month over at MarketLeverage.

I’d also like to point out that UniqueBlogDesigns is celebrating their 1-Year Anniversary. I first met with UBD last year at BlogWorld, and since then they have created some of the most popular blog designs in the internet marketing /blog space… including mine! All you need to do to enter their contest is comment on their blog or write a post on their contest! One winner will receive an Apple iPod Touch and a copy of their New UBD Citrus WordPress Theme. Three additional winners will receive the Citrus WordPress Theme.

To finish things up, I thought I would throw in a few prizes as well. Simply comment on this post on what you think of Unique Blog Designs or Market Leverage and three random winners will be selected for a free MoneyReign tshirt. This contest runs til the end of the month, so leave your comment today! Winners will be selected by email.

Lastly, I might be working on a new blog design from UBD soon… feel free to leave any comments on what you would like to see on the new design.

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  1. Always with the contests… you're one generous guy Zac! I'm sorry I didn't have a chance to say hi at ASE in the bloggers room.

    I'll throw my hat in here…Market Leverage has exceptional staff. I spoke with some of their staff at the show and they're totally courteous and have a great outlook on affiliate marketing and the industry. It's refreshing.

  2. About Unique Blog Designs:

    I think they are the most known blog design company for something and we can see that in their designs.

    About Market Leverage:

    I don't really like them I must admit, but I think they are the best company nowadays in terms of understanding how to promote themselves. The contests they made all their affiliate bloggers launch were great for their promotion.

  3. Throwing my two cents in, I just love it when bloggers run contests. For comments, participation, etc. It's not easy to get user participation in general, one has to be creative. So I love this stuff!

  4. Thanks Zac for hosting the contest. Congratulations to Michael Heinz that won the itouch, you will receive it soon. If you have any questions please reach out to me.


  5. Hey Zac,

    As I noted at Affiliate Summit, you have me convinced I need a custom blog theme from Unique Blog Designs — now I have the chance to win one!

  6. Well even if my comment doesn't get chosen you can still send me a shirt if you want me to do a plug for you. 🙂


      1. I am still waiting for my T-Shirt for signing up under Zac for NeverBlueAds and making some decent cash. I was going to take a picture of my check with his shirt on and display it on my site.

  7. That Unique Blog Designs contest is getting pretty popular, last time I checked it had 300+ comments. They’ve been creating kick @ss blogs though so it makes sense that everyone wants in!

    1. The designs at the beginning were all the same, but they are really branching out. I have been very impressed with their designs lately.

  8. The Unique Blog Designs contest is great for thier exposure, I had no idea that they have developed many of the guru blogs we all read and they offer a free monetized WordPress template to use right now!

    And now for the revelation of Market Leverage, I should have started with CPA programs and affiliates, that is the way to go.

  9. Unique Blog Designs is too expensive, I just bought a WP theme from RevolutionTheme and I love it, I am still making some minor changes before I go live.

    I started noticing that Market Leverage has to many e-mail Campaigns and not enough Banner Creatives. But I do like the fact they FedEx their payouts which is a Plus.

    1. Depending on the network, some will allow you to run "email only" campaigns through search/web or bannes. Be sure to ask your managers about what can be done.

  10. I've heard the UBD 1st anniversary contest get lot of joiner, Not sure I am able to compete, I decide not to join though I like the prize.

  11. Thanks for the promo, Zac, and congratulations Michael! Enjoy the iPod touch and the commissions, too! Since I'm a weeee bit biased in favor of our affiliate network ::big smile:: , i'll quickly mention that i just checked out UBD's site for the first time. Gut reaction is that Unique Blog Designs' layouts seem very Web 2.0 with designs that look really clean and smooth. I didn't realize John Chow and Shoemoney also had their blogs designed by UBD, too – pretty good lookin' stuff!

  12. Phew! Last day of the month to comment and here I am. But in all seriousness, I just found this blog today and it's already taught me a few tricks of the trade.


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