Affiliate Marketing Blogs Get a Redesign

There’s nothing like a new custom wordpress theme to shake things up and get you motivated! I’m crazy about having a custom theme for my established blogs, it’s the best way to show you mean business and stand out from the crowd. With that said, I noticed two of my favorite affiliate marketing blogs recently had their own blogs completed redesigned. Let’s take a look!

The new theme over at has added a lot more features, content and color to the blog. Created by Unique Blog Design, you know the quality and color design is going to be top notch. Jon also did a great job with ad management, there are ad spots all over the site, but not too overwhelming. I really like the new magazine feel with the thumbnail posts on the mail page, and the addition of IntenseComments on the post pages. Good stuff!

Lorenzo’s (Mr. Green) first blog theme was pretty basic, but the content made the blog stand out. The new theme is just excellent! I love the use of colors.. the background and “coupon” look edges make the content just stand right out. Still focusing heavily on content, there is only one ad banner on the site; which is for EWA Network. The new blog design definitely backs out that is still “The Best Internet Marketing Blog*”… (*to come out of New Zealand)

A few months ago I released my first free ebook called “Six Figure Affiliate Blogging: How You Can Be the Next $100,000 Blogger“. At the time I thought it would be a good idea to launch the ebook off it’s own domain instead of through The major launch for the ebook has now ended, but the domain is still loaded up with juicy back links and great search engine listings. I always had the idea to eventually turn the domain/site into a full blog focusing on blogging and affiliate marketing, and I finally got the time last week to get started. The focus of this blog will be towards wordpress/blogging themes, advertising methods and how to make money with affiliate marketing and blogging. While it’s quite the task to write daily for two blogs at the moment, it’s always exciting to start a new blog. Shoot me an email if you have ideas for a post, or would like to guest post.

Take a look at these new blog designs and let me know what you think!

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  1. Thanks Zac! It took a while to get that puppy fully designed. No doubt i'll start getting picky and there will be another change in a few months.

    Btw your blog design ain't to shabby either…awesome design!

  2. I need to take a look at those too.

    BTW you have a problem in your sidebar. First the Affiliate Blogging and Blogging tips feeds are not working.

  3. Works here no problem, really like the design of this blog. But you know what i like more ? The articles posted on it, i learned so much from you since i follow you – Thanks !

  4. Hey Zac

    I wish I seen this post a few weeks ago, I am getting a new blog design and I quite like a few of the ones you showed!

    Sods Law!

    All the blogs looks super, I think Mr Green gets my vote.

    Sally 🙂
    My recent post I’m Full Time Online Just Quit My Offline Job!

  5. That's very good design for master blogger.

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  6. I am very glad to know that your site is upgrading from the simplest to more faster and synchronized form. I am quite familiar of a lot of sites since I work as a freelance writer and one of the sites that I find evolve is your site respectively. I am looking more on your site progress as well as new version that is more convenient and helpful to the members like me. I really appreciate the move that you made. Thanks a lot!

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