Affiliate Network Contests to Keep You Motivated

Affiliate marketing is like no other business. Where else can you make a million dollars in a bedroom with a computer? At the same time, you have to keep yourself interested and on target. Slip up, slack off or even step away for a days and you can easily fall behind fast. This happens to me every once in a while, and I’m sure you’re occassionally in the same boat.

An excellent way to get motivated and back in the game, is to set new targets and reach for even bigger goals. With the extreme competition out there among affiliate networks, we are fortunate enough to be treated like kings for our business. Kicking things up a notch, a lot of networks are now hosting some pretty big contests and giveaways for top earning affiliates, and those who can drastically increase their month over month earnings.

Here’s a look at a couple of the two affiliate network promotions that are currently going on. Neverblue is holding their “Out of Bounds” contest again, which will send their top 20 affiliates to Costa Rica. CX Digital is running their “Roll Like a Billionaire” contest for the second time, with over 25 different prizes up for grabs.

NeverBlue – Out of Bounds

CX Digital – Roll Like a Billionaire

Both contests are created for new and current affiliates to win. With several prizes available, you can win a vacation spot, or prizes by earning points on top offers promoted on the network (CX Digital), or by being a top affiliate, or increasing your previous quarter earnings several times over. Even if you haven’t started making money with either of these networks yet, you can still get in and win a prize.

Either way, the contest prizes available through both CX Digital and Neverblue, are serious enough to get even the biggest affiliate’s attention. Get in the game, get focused and if you aim high enough, you might walk away with big earnings and a top prize package! Even if you fall short, you still should have set your goals high enough, and earned some nice coin.

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  1. Zac – you ever place in either one of these contests? If so, how did you enjoy the prizes?

  2. <a class="replyTo" href="#comment-111179" rel="nofollow">@Make Money Online: Looking forward to the Costa Rica trip from Neverblue. Planning on being at that one.

  3. never blue is one of not much cpa network that i really want to try.. i have made a good earning with cj and clickbank.. now is never blue turn

  4. These both sound like very cool contests. Personally I am not confident enough in my marketing skills to enter these contests. Sure I can get traffic and search engine rankings, but competing with the top affiliates is another story.

  5. Private Yacht … that one is really making it more attractive. I would love to have this opportunity. Let me see the last date whether this one is still available or not.

  6. This trick is really working and worth it for affiliate marketers. I have seen a friend made his first million just by setting up a few contests here and there.

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