I’ve been an online marketer for over 15 years now… that’s 14 1/2 years longer than some advertising network last in this business! Let’s face it… the game has changed. Ad networks aren’t what they used to be and any fool who thinks they’ve had success in online marketing can start their own ad network. Don’t sacrifice your hard earned money with an ad network that might go out of business next week. Stick with the ad networks the pros use and you won’t have to worry about if your next check or wire transfer is going to come through.


Neverblue Recommended Ad Network I’ve been with Neverblue forever! Way back when they were just starting out and a few guys were running the company. Fast forward several years later and they are still a huge player in the online marketing space. They may have been acquired and most of the original people who started the ad network are all gone, but all is not lose… Neverblue is a true contender in the world of affiliate marketing. I’ve personally done over six figures in business with the company and have referred over $3 MILLION dollars in new affiliate earnings to the company through this blog. If you aren’t already signed up with Neverblue, I greatly recommend you check them out.

Peerfly Recommended Ad NetworkAnother ad network that has been in this space for a while and continues to grow and excel every day is PeerFly. Their reputation continues to grow and that’s greatly due in part to one of their well known affiliate managers, Luke Kling. Luke has been very active in the online marketing space as a blogger, sharing ad campaigns and usually making an appearing at big name marketing conferences. It’s always good to be able to put a face to a network and have a personal contact. In addition to everything mentioned, PeerFly has a solid network with great offers and payouts.