Affiliate Stats on Your iPhone

Nothing is better than setting up a few ad campaigns and refreshing our stats page at our favorite affiliate network. Actually, there is something better! Being able to check your stats on the go in just a few clicks!

With the advancements in iPhone Apps, affiliate networks are finally catching on and building their own apps for affiliate to login in check their stats. Right now the two networks that I know of are Neverblue and AzoogleAds. I really love these apps, and think it’s crucial for other networks to catch on and get their apps out.

Neverblue iPhone Application

AzoogleAds iMobile Publisher

Both apps can be downloaded from their respective network site, or directly from the iTunes library.

If you’ve already downloaded and been using these apps, feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts. Likewise for any other affiliate networks that have an app in the works.

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  1. These look like great apps, its always good to check out your states on the go. Alot of companies are starting to let you check your stats now on the iphone which is great for people who like checking their stats every time.

  2. These apps look really really cool. I hope our german ad-networks will move their asses soon and start to develop their own apps! 🙂

  3. It is nice to see the affiliate marketing industry taking advantage of mobile browsing. Most affiliates are quite obsessed with checking their stats multiple times throughout the day. Hopefully other big affiliate networks follow their cue.

  4. Wouldn't it be easier to create a special page for mobile devices on their sites (of course, in this case they'd miss on the money from the app, but more users would have access to their stats).

    The reason for this idea is that I have the Xperia X1, which runs on Windows Mobile. Seeing all these great applications makes me want to switch to iPhone, but I really don't want to give up the hardware keyboard!

  5. I love the affiliate apps, although it really just serves to encourage me to be a stats junky! Part of what I love about affiliate marketing though, is that you never know when you're going to hit something big and having the apps on the iphone plays into the whole mobile lifestyle many of us are after.

    I would love to see a consolidated app that hit all of the major networks. Affiliate Stats isn't bad, but there's some networks missing.

  6. What a cool applications from ads company… there lots of people who iPhone, I think it would be great if we try to give give mobile ads a chance also.

  7. the iPhone's really becoming what apple wanted it to become. A total replacement for the conventional computer, especially after the significant upgrades the recent version got, and the app support its been receiving from all kind of publishers! And as for the stats apps, a really good innovation enabling direct access to stats.. Wishing CJ and ClickBank could do the same thing, as i'm not part of either of these networks u've mentioned!

  8. I think Azoogle should remove the fance intro. First it takes time and second it interrupts the ipod sound everytime.

    Other than that, great apps!

  9. The Iphone will not ever replace a traditional computer because it doesn’t have a full size keyboard. People will never sit down on their Iphone and type a 10 page term paper, or write pages of HTML for a website. While these apps do make things easier, I definitely agree, I’m not writing this comment on my Iphone….

  10. This post is very good for me.. i can get many tips and trick on this blog.. thank's for u'r information my friend! this is my first time to visiting to your blog..

  11. These are some great apps Zac. I think the other networks will eventually ( who knows how long ) will catch on and design apps of their own.

  12. I am not sure that these app are available in Romania but as soon that they will be out i will try them. Thnaks for the tip

  13. We are developing an iPhone app also. Having apps is a big thing right now. I like the thought of having your affiliate dashboard available on the go!

  14. Now, there's an easy access for viewing the stats and that's one thing I love about my iPhone.

  15. That's awesome. Its a good thing that this kind of gadget could be used now in affiliate statistics.

  16. Did not know the iPhone App of Azoogle. Thanks now my iphone tells me my earnings everywhere. Great 🙂

    Best regards,


  17. Dedicated apps to specific networks is better than nothing. Check out I <3 Stats to get all your affiliate programs on your iPhone or Palm PRE without installing an app!

  18. iPhone users truly are spoiled with all the apps available to them. Apple must be loving how much their apps store has taken off. These developers are doing most of their work for them.

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