Affiliate Summit East 07 Videos

Finally, the Affiliate Summit East 2007 Videos and Presentations are now available online. This is the first time speaker videos and presentations are being offered online through Affiliate Summit. I’m really glad to see these videos online. It’s really great to be able to go back and actually listen and watch the presentations you missed, but even more so to go over any that you want a recap on. It’s really amazingly ridiculously that these are being offered free to anyone… the value in some of these speaker presentations is BIG. It’s up to you to make the effort to take this knowledge and turn it into some money. Before going to the latest Affiliate Summit, I was pretty much doing nothing with PPC. While at the event, I got super psyched and motivated about all this extra revenue I should be taking advantage of. As you may already know, I’m now adding a few hundred bucks a day profit to my bottom line… and this is just the beginning! Watch these videos and comment on what you thought.

Here are the features Videos & Presentations:

  • Over the Pond – UK Affiliate Marketing
  • What You Don’t Know May Hurt You
  • What SUPER Affiliates Want
  • Contextual Advertising Options: Clicks Equal Cash
  • SEO Site Critiques
  • Addressing Publishers’ Needs: What Works, What’s Worthless
  • Web 2.0 – The Ten Critical Affiliate Strategies
  • Long Tail Meets Retail in the Blogosphere
  • Desirable Demographics in the Affiliate Channel
  • Viral Marketing, the Plague
  • Secrets of a PPC Super Affiliate
  • Affiliate Marketing and Democratizing Platforms
  • Monetizing Communities
  • Leverage Web Analytics to Track Affiliate Programs
  • Conversion Rate Clinic: Persuasion Techniques that Work
  • The Long Tail of Affiliate Marketing
  • The Confluence of Search and Affiliate Marketing
  • Managing Internal Channel Rivalry: SEO, PPC, CPA
  • Beyond Traditional Affiliate Creatives
  • The Power Of Small Changes Tested

Click here to access the Affiliate Summit page for access to all videos and presentations. Some videos do not show the actual slideshow screen. I recommend opening a window to go over the speaker pdf presentation, while playing the video.

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  1. Haven't looked at all of the videos yet, but I'm listening to one now. This is a WEALTH of info that you have posted and it's great!

    I just hate the jokes. They should just hire a comedian next time, lol.

  2. i have yet to watch the videos, been busy lately and finding time to get my room done up the way i wanted, got in new set of bedset.going to watch them during my spare time.

  3. After watching a couple of videos, I'm mixed about the info. Some info was good, but I wondered why they didn't pan over to the overhead viewer in a lot of shots. Also, one guy just plain wasn't prepared, and his lecture/seminar SUCKED HARD! I would have been pissed to pay money to experience that.

    I still feel the same way about the comedy. 'How many affiliate marketers does it take to screw in a light bulb?' *cringe*

    1. This time around I was lucky enough to pick all the best presentations and speakers. I only came across one that was boring zone… and provided nothing new for me.

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