Affiliate Summit East – Day 3 Recap

The last day of Affiliate Summit East started with keynote speakers Rob Kniaz from Google and Mark Papia from Fox Interactive Media.

Next it was lunch time, then I spoke in the “Elevator Networking” sessions.

Lee Dodd and Jeremy Schoemaker (Shoemoney) held a panel on how to manage and optimize your online forums.

The last speaker of the event was by Kristopher Jones, President & CEO of Pepperjam. This was a really great presentation and I learned a of from Kristopher. Like the presentation from Amit, Kris offered real lfe figures and help many people in the room start earning over $10k a month through PPC marketing. Very cool stuff!

The last session of the event was the “Closing Remarks”. Everyone in the room had an opportunity to listen and/or get up and speak about what they learned or how they felt about the event. Once again, I spoke to the crowd and let everyone know how fortunate they are to have attended the event and that there is still so much money to be made in this market. Amit and Kristopher also followed up with great comments on the event.

Lastly, all sessions came to a close and the only thing left to do was network and party! Everyone gathered outside for the “Poolside After Party” which went on for a few hours… but the networking and partying went on way into the morning hours.

After the poolside networking party, my father, Brad Waller and I went over to a steak restaurant and had dinner. We returned to the hotel and the networking was still going on. Brian Littleton played the piano, as he usually does at Affiliate Summit, while others sung (or at least tried) lyrics to their favorite songs.

And with that, another amazing Affiliate Summit comes to an end. Like all the events, this one was special… but I feel this one may lead to some new profitable projects for myself, and definately some new lifelong friends!

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  1. It looked like a fun time. I would really like to attend some industry related conferences at some point.

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