Affiliate Summit East Exhibitors

I’ve been back from Affiliate Summit East 2007 for almost two days now, but still have a few more photos and topics to blog about! Here are some of the pictures I took while running through the exhibit hall.

Of course I had to meet up with Jordan and Tina from NeverBlueAds!

Always keeping it real and telling it like it is.. Jon from WickedFire!

With Brook and the gang from Schaaf Consulting.

Google… so advanced, my camera flash wouldn’t go off because of their lit up booth sign!

Behind the “Poker Table” with the Moniker Domain Auction guys.

At the Virtumundo booth… they have the crazy punching monkeys everyone wants!

With Greg Hoffman and the gang at ThinkPartnership (Kowabunga)

With Sagi Cezana at the Network Booth

At the WebmasterRadio Booth with co-founder Daron Babin

Brian from Shareasale. A straight up classy guy and one of my great long time friends!

They didn’t have a booth, but I did talk with the guys from for a while.

Unfortunately, all good networking must come to an end… as did Affiliate Summit East 2007. Here are a couple pictures of the massive removal process for the exhibit hall. Right as everything was being torn down and packed away, the next show was getting ready to move in. Time is money!

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  1. Wow, I didn't know Jon from WickedFire looked like that… Hmm well there you go… I was expecting a big guy who eats babies, well well…

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