Affiliate Summit East

I’ve been attending and speaking at Affiliate Summit, for several years now, and haven’t missed an event yet. This year I will be speaking on "Word of Mouth Marketing" and how you can benefit from sending a ton of free traffic to your web sites through social networks, widgets and games. You’d be surprised at how much extra revenue can be made by just implementing a few new tools to your site, or even fooling around with ad placement.

My good friends who run Affiliate Summit wanted to allow me to offer a discount to my fellow blog readers and friends. With Affiliate Summit East (Florida) less than two months away, now the a great time to start thinking about attending. Even more so with my special discount code! You can now save 10% off the Full Affiliate Summit pass, or the exhibitor pass. All you need to do is signup for the event at their site, then insert coupon code "MSPKFL" for 10% off a FULL PASS, or insert "MSPKEX" for 10% off an EXHIBIT HALL PASS.

I would love to meet some of my blog readers at the event. Should you have any questions or comments about Affiliate Summit that are holding you back from signing up, feel free to contact me at anytime. Since attending Affiliate Summit over the years I have made many new friends and great business contacts. The importance of actually meeting someone in person in phenomenal. Every Affiliate Summit I meet up with my good friend Jordan from NeverBlueAds. I would not be pushing the same numbers (now up to $250 daily) with them if I didn’t have that personal contact and knowing that he is a good guy. Personal relationship and being appreciated come first… money will follow!

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  1. Its not something I'll be able to make it to, but any chance of getting a recording or a write up of your talk afterwards?

  2. I won't be able to attend ;( . Plus I reside in California, so that is pretty far.

  3. I have always hope to meet the elite affiliate marketers in Asia since I'm from Singapore..

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