Affiliate Summit & Improving Your Blog Earnings

Affiliate Summit West 09 is finally here and is kicking off this weekend in Las Vegas. In addition to Affiliate Summit taking place, the latest copies of FeedFront magazine were also sent out. The latest issue is also the program guide for ASW09, and features all sessions and information on speakers at the event.

On Monday morning (the 12th), I will be speaking on a panel with ShoeMoney, Dan Murray and Alex Schultz about “Advertising on Facebook“. The main purpose of the panel is discuss the future of advertising on Facebook and talking with Alex Schultz (who is from Facebook), on all of the approval problems and how to improve their ad system. It should make for an interesting panel and hopefully improve the way we make money with Facebook in the coming months.

Lastly, in the latest issue of FeedFront magazine, I wrote an article called “Improve Your Blog Earnings“. You can read the full article below, or click here to download the latest full issue in pdf format.

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  1. I am mad that I’m going to miss the Affiliate Summit this year I really wanted to go so I could get a chance to meet some of the top bloggers in the industry. Maybe next year I will receive a free ticket by getting asked to speak in front of a panel at the event.

  2. congrats on the article in feedfront, just got mine in the mail a few days ago and haven't had time yet to flip through it. see you in vegas!

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  4. Zach do you know if the panel will be recorded and posted to YouTube or your site? I hope so!

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