Affiliate Venture Group’s Venture is to Make You Money

Written by Zac Johnson
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More internet marketers are coming together, forming their own companies and going forward with their plans on running their own affiliate network. The latest network looking to make a run at the biz, is Affiliate Venture Group. Located in Delaware and under a year old, you may not have seen Affiliate Venture Group advertised on many other sites, or even mentioned. AVG is ok with that, because they determined to only focus on quality affiliates by keeping the network more private and select in who they allow to promote their offers. Instead of spending time, money and efforts on flashy ad banners and having every affiliate under the sun sign up to their network, they want to bring in only the best and help you succeed with promoting their offers.

Offers on Affiliate Venture Group
Once you are accepted as an affiliate, you have full access to over 90 campaigns on network. Offer campaigns range in category, but are mainly targeted towards business, credit and health. AVG also has a few exclusive campaigns of their own, paying in the $42 range for “cash advance / loan” type offers and “trading/investing” program, which pays $395 per sale.

A Preview of Campaign Details, Payout and Creatives Available

To keep AVG in competition with other networks, you will also find offers that other networks run as well, such as “teeth whitening“, “resV” and many “biz opp” offers. Most of these offers are paying out in the $20-$30 range.

Education Offers: AVG has a decent amount of education offers too. If you had any experience in this field, you will know these offers pay out nicely. Many of these offers are paying out in the high $20 range. If you have any type of student/education mailing list, offers like Kaplan, Colorado Tech, Free College Info will do well for you.

AVG Network Platform
Networks are no longer limited to having to create their own custom platform, or simply relying on DirectTrack. AVG runs their network platform off HitPath, which offers an easy to navigate system, while offering full tracking capabilities. HitPath is the backbone for many networks, and runs off an easy to use interface, and provide quick and easy access for setting up API. One thing I’ve noticed with networks using HitPath (and a couple other platforms), is that you have to request an offer before going live with it. This can be annoying when trying to test offers, but keeps the networks and advertisers on their toes about traffic volume and quality running through the network. In most cases, offers are usually approved for promotion within a few hours… or just contact your affiliate manager, and you should be ready do go within minutes.

Above is a quick stats report pulled from the AVG / HitPath platform. As you can see, stats are easy enough to read, but the options are there for full tracking and breaking down stats.

Meet up with the Affiliate Venture Group Team
With so many networks in competition for your business now, it’s so important to have the personal contact. The AVG team is always doing what they can to be where the affiliate action is. From AdTech to LeadsCon to AffiliateSummit, someone from AVG will be in attendance. You can take a look at their events page to see where they will be next.

Affiliate Venture Group may be one of the newer networks, but they have a dedicated affiliate team that wants to work with you. Signup as an affiliate and see if there’s anything you can start making some money with.

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23 Replies to “Affiliate Venture Group’s Venture is to Make You Money”

  1. I have been contemplating for starting with affiliate marketing but somehow or other don't feel very comfortable with this style of making money. I am somewhat more ok with making money through selling services but I think I will get my feet wet and try my hands at it. You never know about something until you have tried it out.

  2. Do they have affiliate programs for diabetes and insomnia?

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  3. Ryan, thanks for the kind words and the referrals you have sent. I appreciate all the support that the readers of Zac Johnson have provided. We will do our best to help all of you make some serious cash at the same time keeping our dignity and ethics in tact.

    Ridiculous Blogger – we actually have a few great diabetes offers, feel free to contact me at your convenience.

    Ricky Ahuja

  4. Really great to see tge cross networking and recommendations for AVG here. Keep it up!

  5. I haven’t heard of this network before but they sound good. I will have to try them out and see what i think!

  6. I think people should check out avg….very good network so far.

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  7. Wow, those are some great commissions, you can really make a more than full time income off just a few payouts a month.

    <abbr>Ann @ Make A Website’s last blog post..13 Ways To Get Website Traffic Now!</abbr>

  8. Let me try my luck on this. seems like a good affiliate, Good thing is that they are giving referral commission, i can work well on this.

    <abbr>Shanker Bakshi’s last blog post..Google Lifted Ban from John Chow dot Com</abbr>

  9. Woah, those commissions are insane! I think I will try it out because when every sale means so much money it suddenly makes a lot more sense than getting 2-3 dollars on smaller transactions.

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  10. Down here in South Africa we're lagging a bit with international trends, and I wish we were spoilt for choice with affiliate offers and services more pertaining to our local marketplace. that would be really nice.

  11. @Ricky Ahuja:

    Good to know you Ricky, i never knew this program is from you.

    <abbr>Z Shanker Bakshi’s last blog post..Playing With Emotions</abbr>

  12. Do not even attempt to join this network. These guys are a bunch of assholes who will tell you that you are trying to commit fraud right off the bat. I applied to be part of their network. Never even heard from them. I had to chase them myself. I finally get in touch with this Asshole “The Google Guy” on AIM. And instead of getting down to business, he automatically starts assuming that I’m committing fraud.

    Stay Away from this network. You want a real legitimate network, go with the better reputable ones like Partner Weekly or Clickbooth.

  13. I hope that was tongue in cheek. If not, it's a ridiculous suggestion. Every web forum I've personally ever been to, and even old use net, has a way to search by username.

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