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As an affiliate marketer, you pretty much have a world of opportunity in your hands. You can work from wherever you like, promote different types of offers and also work alongside some of the biggest and most well known brands in the world today. If something isn’t working for you in one niche, you can also jump over to another. All of this and more is what makes the world of affiliate marketing so exciting.

When it comes to your options, it’s all about having access to as many offers as possible and knowing where to get the highest payouts. For this reason I always recommend joining as many affiliate networks as you cane. Some will have exclusive offers that others don’t, along with higher payouts. Even if you aren’t active across all the networks you are a partner with, you can still keep an eye on the competition, split test your results and learn from each of them along the way.

AffZoom is another affiliate network that you can add to your list, and one of their main goals is to put in the time and effort to help take their affiliate partners to that next level. The personal relationship between networks and affiliates is one of the biggest factors when increasing revenue amounts to that next level.

Unlike other affiliate networks, AffZoom is quite picky on who they allow into their network. So if you think you have the experience and lead quality that top branders and networks are looking for, read on to learn more about what AffZoom has to offer.

AffZoom Network – Quality Over Quantity

When joining an affiliate network, members will usually see a slew of hundreds, if not thousands, of different offers they can start promoting. While this may seem like a positive, it actually can be quite overwhelming and actually take away many of the valuable resources that a network should be focusing on. AffZoom has focused their efforts on only providing high quality advertisers to their affiliates, while also only working with top affiliate partners to provides the highest quality of leads to their advertisers.


AffZoom was started by Dustin Buysse, who has a history of internet marketing success and working with a wide range of premium brands over the years. Dustin launched AffZoom with the goal of connecting with top brands and affiliate marketers, while also offering his wide range of expertise and resources to build something amazing. You can learn more about Dustin in this interview.

As mentioned at the begging of this article, AffZoom is very strict on who they allow into the network, and this all ties back into the quality and resources aspect of the network. By limiting how many affiliates can get into the network, they can offer a higher level of support, custom marketing and resources to each of their site partners.

Inside the AffZoom Dashboard

For anyone who is already active with multiple affiliate networks, you will be happy to see that AffZoom is running off the CAKE tracking platform. CAKE is one of the most trusted platforms out there and it’s also one of the easiest to learn and use. The last thing you want to do when joining a network as a new affiliate, is trying to figure out how to get your tracking urls and start running ad campaigns.


Once logged into your AffZoom account, you can start browsing through the site for any offers you would like to promote, along with see the latest “Featured Offer” on the top left corner and the “Top Offers” on the network in the bottom right corner. You will also see full stats from your account (Month to Date and Year to Date) in the top right corner.

Through the navigation bar on the left side of the page you can also view all of the details of individual ad campaigns within the network, pull advanced campaign reports and also access your account information. In this same area you will find the direct contact information for your affiliate manager.

As an affiliate of AffZoom, you will have full access to their resources, custom creatives and exclusive ad campaigns — all you need to do is contact your affiliate manager and let them know what you would like to have access to or created.

Payments are sent out to affiliates on a weekly basis once they have met the minimum threshold of $200. Payment options include wire, paypal and check.

Running Affiliate Offers with AffZoom

Even with AffZoom being a private network, they are still very cautious to monitor who is running what ad campaigns and where. For this reason, affiliates will occasionally need to apply to run specific campaigns through the network. To set this up, all you need to do is click on the offer you want to run, provide your media / marketing method and also any notes on how you will be promoting the offer.


Affiliates will also need to apply for some offers before being able to see full details on the campaign, as only offer name, payout and vertical is provided. There is however, the option to hover over the “eye” icon next to each ad campaign so you can view the landing page associate with the offer. This same eye view will also provide you with a short description and allowed marketing methods.

To learn more about the different offer and promotional methods allowed on AffZoom, it would be in your best interest to follow up with your affiliate manager directly.

How to Earn More with AffZoom Network

The secret to making money with any affiliate network or ad campaign, is through continued efforts, split testing your progress and pushing through until your campaign finds eventual profitability. Too often affiliate marketers expect to find quick over night gains with their campaigns and jump from over to over, only to lose money on each. This is just a simple reminder that any affiliate network or ad campaign can be a winner if you stick with the methods that have worked time and time again and don’t try to rush the system.

With all of that said, is another choice network for you to consider when trying to make even more money with affiliate marketing. Dustin and his team have the tools and solutions in place to help you bring your earnings to the next level, so what are you waiting for?

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