All Your Emails Are Belong To Us

Being that the majority of us all manage our rewards cards, membership program, banking statements and credit cards online, I’m sure you’ve receive at least one of the following emails over the past few days.

Dear “Company Name Here” Customer,

Company Name Here“‘s email service provider, Epsilon, has recently informed us that your email address may have been exposed due to unauthorized access of Epsilon’s system. We’ve been told that this unauthorized access was limited to only name and email addresses of some Beachbody customers, with no other information accessed.

As a result of this incident, it is possible that you may receive spam email messages, emails that contain links containing computer viruses or other types of computer malware, or emails that seek to deceive you into providing personal or credit card information.

We recommend that you always be extremely cautious with emails from persons or entities you do not recognize or know, and specifically:

– Don’t open links or attachments from third parties you don’t know or recognize;
– Don’t provide any personal or other sensitive information by email to third parties you don’t know or recognize; and
– Don’t provide a credit or debit card number, bank or other account details, or any other financial information by email to any third parties you don’t know or recognize.

We regret that this incident has occurred and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. We take your privacy very seriously, and we will continue to work diligently to protect your personal information.

If you have unsubscribed in the past, there is no need to unsubscribe again. Your preferences will remain in place.Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions at

Company CEO Name,
Company Name

I first started receiving these emails a few days ago, then the major new spread around quickly that Epsilon was hacked and all the emails were on the loose. Just a few of the names I’ve received emails from include HiltonHonors, Target, Best Buy, Wallgreens and more.

The Epsilon security breach is noted as one of the largest ever, even though it was only email records. Head over to Google News and perform a search for “Epsilon” and you will see articles all over the place on how the attack is affecting Epsilon, their partner companies and how it’s now spreading to other countries. Imagine who has access to this powerful list of emails now, and what could be done with that type of data!

What are your thoughts on the Epsilon attack and how many of these same email notifications have you received?

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  1. I haven't receive any email as yet. But one thing is sure that hacking is the big threat around the world. I have seen many times a movie called "die hard 4" and really liked the movie because the deepness of the hacking. I was initially thinking to do some hacking course as well. But I'm considering it more seriousely as if you want to stay secure then you must know how hackers actually works.
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  2. All Your Emails Are Belong To Us it is frightening, something like "your soul is mine"….

  3. Emails like this really worry me because I got a virus from one something like this about a year ago…I was down for nearly a week. Thanks for the info.
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  4. I didn't think much of the first email I received about this because it was from a company I deal with rarely. And then the floodgates opened and suddenly EVERYONE was telling me that their email addresses had been stolen through Epsilon. I find it amazing this can still happen. But what's more amazing is that the folks at Epsilon must be very good at what they do to work with so many large corporations. Either that or they're just really good at making promises. Whatever the reason, I suspect they'll be selling fewer services in the near future given this debacle. The worrisome part is that information is concentrated in one place. At least it was only email addresses. This could have been much worse.
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  5. This is so bad. I don't know what actually hackers get by disturbing innocent people.

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