Analyzing TShirt Advertising and Keywords on Google Search

Long tail advertising and keywords is one of my favorite things to write about and study. The more detailed the keyword you get, the more targeted your audience and likely you are to find success with an ad campaign. What’s important to know is that you don’t even have to add multiple keywords to get more targeted and direct, sometimes it only takes one extra keyword.

In this example we are going to compare the differences between “tshirts” and “funny tshirts“. It may not seem like a huge difference, but for online search marketers it means the world.

Before looking at the search results, lets first take a look at the comparison in search stats between the two phrases.

funny shirts keywords compared

Right away you will have noticed that “tshirts” has over 50 times the amount of search volume and almost double the advertiser cost. It’s also important to note that the competition is HIGH for both keywords.

Now lets take a look at how they compare in the search results.

tshirts google

Tshirts” is an extremely generic keyword to go after, but you will notice that the page is completely filled with advertisers. More importantly, the advertisers in the yellow section are paying the most money to have this premium placement. It’s no wonder that these are mega huge companies will millions of dollars to spend on their branding and bringing in new customers. (Look at how generic the CustomInk and Amazon ads are… really no call to action)

Now let’s switch things up a little bit and look at “funny tshirts”.

In the screen capture below you will notice that everything has changed in terms of advertisers and ad spend.

funny tshirts google

Nearly all of the advertisers for “funny tshirts” are in the business of selling entertainment related tshirts and are much smaller in size compared to the advertisers for “tshirts”. Also notice how the top ad does an excellent job in providing a discount related call to action. You also have a wide selection of advertisers like badideashirts and 6dollarshirts being able to target their audience and compete on the right side bar of ads as well.

It’s not brain surgery, but it’s definitely cool and useful to break down the process of keyword bidding and advertisers.

So what can we learn from this?

  • Just the addition of one keyword can make a huge difference in targeting your audience and changing your ad costs and advertiser competition.
  • You don’t need to have a massive budget to compete in a high competition niche. (.60-80 cpc isn’t horrible)
  • Know what your audience is looking for… “tshirts” vs. “funny tshirts” is a huge difference.

Though it might seem like a lot of online marketers and affiliates are focusing their efforts on social marketing and mobile advertising, pay per click marketing is still one of the strongest and most effective ways to drive a lot of volume and quality leads.

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  1. Hi Zac !!! Again here.

    Nice Info for choosing the targeting keywords. But I want to ask a questions. May be its off topic. but Sorry for that…
    My question is how we can find keyword for setting up a micro niche website ? I tried a lot but got failed to find such keywords.
    kindly do tell me the way to find it
    Thanks in advance
    Ravi Verma
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    1. @Ravi You can simply use Google Adword tools for this. This is a perfect tools for keyword finding, but its depend on you that "How you use this tool" even you can choose high paying and Long keyword for your article. But avoid more density of Keyword in your article other wise your article may be spammed by Google.
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  2. Hey look my website is number one for funny t shirts….lol. Yes, I own Roadkill T Shirts!!!

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