Angry Birds – 350+ Million Downloads

By the time you read this post, another several thousands of iPhone and mobile devices will have downloaded the world famous Angry Birds gaming app. I’ve already written on the app several times now, but there just doesn’t seem to be anything that can slow Angry Bird’s growth down.

In the latest Angry Birds news, the company has now reported that there have been over 350 million downloads of their gaming apps. Quite amazing! Last year I wrote about how Angry Birds generates over a million dollars a month, imagine how much it generates now! With over ten times more downloads and users, the company is just a pure cash cow!

Here’s a few more amazing statistics from Angry Birds / Rovio.

  • Every day over 300 MILLION minutes are spent playing Angry Birds on mobile devices.
  • 3 MILLION plush toys of Angry Birds have been sold since June 2010… but latest reports are over a MILLION plush toy sales per month!
  • Over 1 MILLION Angry Birds tshirts sold every month!
  • Angry Birds is now playable on over 25 different platforms, including iOS, Android, Nook, Chrome Web App

So how does Angry Birds keep the trend going and make users keep coming back for more? It’s all about the updates and new versions of the game that come out each season.

Make Money Off the Angry Birds Craze

Let Rovio worry about how they can continue to bring in more and more players. Instead you should be worrying about how you can start cashing in! Refer back to my “Make Money with Angry Birds” post a few months ago and read about how some web sites are selling for over $80,000 on Flippa, just for helping other figure out how to beat Angry Birds levels! Since I wrote this article, there have been several more Angry Birds sites that have been sold for big money on Flippa.

As mentioned earlier, there is also a huge craze for Angry Birds plush toys and clothing. Yes… there are even Angry Birds Halloween costumes available. Halloween and Christmas are going to be very kind to Angry Birds this year. Don’t forget to get in on the action!

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  1. Great thinking for future planing because Christmas will come around about after 3 months and this is the great idea to increase more sell of products.
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  2. Hello Zac. I have just started a blog helping people with the CSI Crime City FB game. It's a very cool blog where I do video tutorials of live gaming. Other than my other Youtube channels that have been performing poorly, this one does pretty great. And that is solely on autopilot. Oh, I am using a high traffic keyword in the titles. I guess what I'm trying to say is that gaming and following trends in that broad niche is good for blogging and making money from it 🙂

    1. Excellent. Everyone is playing games on their mobile devices, but flocking to the web for tutorials and walk throughs to beat levels and find cheat codes.

  3. Hi Zac,

    I commented on your blog post Make Money with Angry Birds and I’ve mentioned that we also have an Angry Birds site and we earn the same income from one of Flippa’s recently sold Angry Birds site ( – which was sold for $10,000.

    We’re just not sure as to when is the right time to sell our site? We are looking at least the same price of AngryBirdsGuide but we never know what the market is willing to pay at the time of our listing.

    Hopefully, it will be sold as well. =)

    1. Nice site, I'm sure you could definitely get some nice money for it. Try listing it on Flippa and see what it sells for. If you don't get the amount you are looking for, just set a reserve amount and list it again in a few months after further monetization.

      1. Hi Zac,

        I've listed my site already on Flippa and it has a current bid of $1,050. 6 more days. Hope it gets a little exposure here.

        Thanks and regards,

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  4. Ahah, adorable Angry Birds! Who can resist them? I am a big fan, although I am not in that one million statistics that buys T-shirts with A.Birds on them. However, the statistics are impressive in overall ratings. The money they generate doesn't surprise me at all. And I am certainly not sorry – they deserve it!
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  5. Oh my gosh, I can't believe the Halloween costumes!! Are there green pig ones too? I wonder how many little angry birds I will see running around the streets this Halloween.

  6. Well I know I contribute quite a few minutes to those 300 million a day, but these statistics STILL surprised me!! I can't believe it has gotten THIS popular in such a relatively short time… Wonder where it will go from here??


  7. Wow. There are times when I see hot trends and think, "that's stupid but I have this idea to make money from it." Then there are times when I say, "that is just plain dumb, I want nothing to do with it" and consequently miss out on the biggest opportunities.

    In this case, let's just say I've never played Angry Birds before…

  8. Good job for Rovio, I believe they can make it into 500 million downloads before the end of the year. How about the Facebook version of Angry Birds? If they can penetrate that platform, then there is no doubt that they will be heading into billion downloads in no time.
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  9. @KristinaaaL
    I can resist them…omg I really hate them..they are everywhere on net.
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  10. Yes, that's right, everywhere I look and gaze, there's an Angry Bird item! They are even inspiring women to have nail polishes with the Birds' faces! 😀 I think it has become very successful. 😀

  11. Angry birds doesn't only keep up the numbers by updates, they now have a great merchandize line. Word of mouth also keeps up the numbers.

  12. I am a part of those downloaders! I like the game a lot and all the birds are really cute. Opportunities like this one should be grabbed right away for businesses.

  13. When I first looked to Angry Birds, I immediately thought 'what a stupid game, how can it be so successful?'. After playing once, I got it… it is so damn addictive!

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