Angry Birds App Earns Over a Million a Month

If you’re an iPhone or Android user, you’ve probably seen or even played the Angry Birds game app. A few months ago I first downloaded the game and I was hooked. Besides being one of the best and most downloaded (over 30 million downloads) smart phone games, it’s also been a cash cow for Rovio (Angry Bird’s parent company) and Google’s Admob companies. Angry Birds is soon due to earn over a million a month just from ads being served on it’s Android platform! (source)

The secret sauce being earning a million dollars per month for mobile advertising? The hardest part is in the beginning, and that is to build a powerhouse game that everyone loves and downloads. Next you just need to keep adding new levels and holiday editions. The players just keep coming back for more whenever new levels and seasonal games are added… which of course leads to more ad spending.

Angry Birds Company Information Video

Watch the video below for more info about Angry Birds, Roxio and how they’ve become a monster in the mobile gaming market. In the video Peter Vesterbacka, the Mighty Eagle at Rovio talks about mobile game monetization, expanding to the Android (ad supported model) and how Roxio grabs an 80% update rate and continues their success month after month with Angry Birds.

What’s Next for Angry Birds?

Angry Birds is still growing in user base every day, and the company is now expanding out to cartoon and plush slingshot toys. The branding and growth of Angry Birds has been amazing.

Would you have ever thought Angry Birds and other games serving those in-game/app advertisements were really making companies hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars per month?

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  1. Wow…. Angry Birds app makes million dollar monthly… This inspired me to create a new app for multi million dollar. But I am not a programmer, I am a online businessman. However, I can hire a programmer for this. 🙂
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    1. The iPhone version is for pay and makes considerably more than $1 million a month. My iPhone application is for pay and makes over $2 million a year (we obviously sell many fewer copies than Angry Birds).

      Your statement is classic example of making uneducated statements prior to even bothering to learn an industry.

  2. Wow that is quite the success story. I had heard of Angry Birds despite not owning a smart phone. I had no idea that it was so huge though. It does look like a pretty fun game. I'm sure other game developers are taking note and planning other similar ad based games.

  3. I just got wind of admob a few days ago and I wondered how it worked on the back end. So i see that the secret is the aps, that make a user available to the ads. Interesting…
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  4. It's amazing to see how far can a small phone app go. Though advertisment is somewhat acceptable when it regards a free service and yes, it looks like advertisement is sometimes a better earner than the actual service charge haha
    I bet those at Angry Birds weren't expecting this outcome
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  5. Angry Birds is such an awesome app – it's easy for me to see the marketing potential of such a great, simple game. And yes, that secret sauce of additional levels and seasonal editions has definitely kept users coming back – I'm one of them! Now, where can I get an Angry Bird plush toy??

  6. Lol am I the only one that would rather pay for the app then see those annoying ads? Oh well.. Angry Birds rocks though and I can't knock it 😀
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  7. i did not know about this "Angry Bird" app and I do not know much on mobile marketing, but sure $1 million a month looks something huge… how can we get a piece of this incredible market?
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  8. 10 Million downloads not 30 million this is the figure that is showing up everywhere. Where did you get the 30 mil stat from

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