Another Look at the Improved ShoeMoney Tools

When I first wrote about ShoeMoney tools back in September 2008, the site had just went live. Now several months later, and there have been some great improvements to the system. 

One of my favorite areas of the site is the Domain Marketplace. Unlike a regular domain registry, the ShoeMoney Tools Domain Marketplace has unregistered domains that currently have .edu, .gov and .mil web sites already linking back to them. You don’t get to see the full domain name, but you can search for a specific phease and get an idea what’s out there. The old design was very plain and didn’t have much to it. The new setup makes it a lot easier to browse through domains and see which may be of value.

The goal with the Domain Marketplace, is having the ability to start (or recreate, using a new web site, without having to start from scratch. We all know how valuable edu/gov/mil back links are, and now you can create a new web site with these links already established. Once you purchase your new domain from the market place, you can then use the ShoeMoney Tools “Backlinks” tool to find which sites are linking to the domain you just purchased.

Other improvements to the site include a new forum (where Jeremy actually responds to users questions), better tools for management and setting up of PPC campaigns and improving your site’s SEO. A new video was created for the improved SM Tools, quickly going into detail on each of their features. (There is also a video or guide going into detail on how to use each tool in the site.)

ShoeMoney Tools, Now only $3.95 for First 30 Days!
While talking with Shoe, I was able to get an limited time coupon code, which gives you full access to ShoeMoney Tools for only $3.95 for 30 days. This coupon is limited to ONLY 100 uses! To setup your ShoeMoney Tools account, click here and use coupon code “ZACJOHNSON“.

Try it out… if you don’t like it, cancel! ShoeMoney also offers a 30 day money back gaurantee.

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  1. Hi Zac,

    It is a great tool with cool features.

    These improvements took it to the next level… Having links pointing back to your site is really important because it will save you a lot of time and work.

    Of course you have to check out the links that are pointing to your site.


    ^PV Reymond

    <abbr>PV Reymond’s last blog post..You Don’t Need That Traffic To Make A Lot Of Money</abbr>

  2. These tools look awesome for people out there trying to make some money. I read about this on another site and it seems like he is stepping up his game and about to lead the pack into a new direction.

    <abbr>Crazy Oldie’s last blog post..Trip to Vegas</abbr>

  3. Hey Zac, thanks for the new review. I've been considering joining for a while now and I think this might push me over the edge.

    <abbr>Christopher Ross’s last blog post..How much does a new web site cost?</abbr>

  4. I've been using Shoemoney Tools for the past two months and am happy with it. Some of the tools can be found online on other sites, but it is nice to have them all packaged in one place.

  5. Is this your secret on why you are a successful affiliate marketer?

    <abbr>Paulubiadas’s last blog post..Act now or Regret later</abbr>

  6. Shoe money tools are very much helpful & affordable. I am using these tools since almost 4 months and very much delighted with it's performance. Shoe money always has innovative ideas & he is awesome blogger.

    <abbr>Ricky Peterson’s last blog post..Using Twitter to Market your Blog</abbr>

  7. This my first time hearing about these tools, I'm going to check them out and see if their great tools like everyone says. Thank You for the post.

  8. I saw that someone was able to find a pr 7 .gov link. This tool does work and what a great price too.

    <abbr>Debt Consolidation’s last blog post..Debt Consolidation – the Benefits and the Negatives</abbr>

  9. My husband gives me a hard time about my spending habits but he spends money on unnecessary tools and things.

  10. Got reviews about ShoeMoney Tools and used once, quite happy with this tool, and you post deserves credit of ShoeMoney Tools improvement.

    <abbr>Home theater seats’s last blog post..Home Theater Seating Brochures for Interior Designers</abbr>

  11. I’ve been using ShoeMoney Tools for the past two months and am happy with it. Some of the tools can be found online on other sites, but it is nice to have them all packaged in one place.

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