April 2008 Blog Revenue Report

Goodbye to April and hello to May, it’s time for another ZacJohnson.com Blog Revenue Report. April was a good month and pretty much started off with me being in California for a week for EliteRetreat. The event was awesome and I decided to stay a few extra days to travel around the state and even visit Google. Due to my vacation time, I wasn’t able to post as much as I would have liked to during the month, but I still managed to make 25 posts… which isn’t that great. I should be averaging at least one a day and will aim for around 35-40 posts this month. With the recent Google PR Update, the blog also went from a PR4 to a PR5. Let’s take a look at how the blog’s revenue performed during April 2008, compared to March’s earnings of $3,463.53 profit.


– Affiliate Sales/Referrals: $1808.31
– Private Ad Sales: $1100.00
– ScratchBack Top Spots: $21.25
Total Revenue: $2969.56

– Ad Spot on JoeTech.com
Total Costs: $10.00

Total Blog Income for April 2008: $2959.56

Previous month revenue numbers for the month were at a high of $3,465.53 and down a bit during April to $2,969.56. I’m not that concerned as the blog revenue is more of a case study than anything else, and also gives you an idea of how sales and affiliate earnings can fluctuate month to month. ScratchBack Top Spots were really slacking for the month, so I think I will be changing a few things up on the blog this month. Private sales were lower than previous month, but affiliate revenues were up.

As for advertising and maintenance costs, and the server costs are minimal since the blog is hosted on my own rack of network servers. While at Affiliate Summit West, I got to meet with Joe from JoeTech.com. I saw he recently added a few ad spots to his blog, so I decided to grab one of his 125×125 spots. Other than that, nothing special on costs or advertising for the blog.

You may have noticed the latest edition to the blog is the new “Super Affiliate Tips Newsletter” form in the top navigation bar. That is just one of the cool new features being added to the blog this month. I will have a dedicated post to this new mailing list early next week. Subscribe now and get exclusive posts and articles that won’t be featured on the blog, I’ll be sure to give away some goodies too. Lastly, since getting more active on Twitter this month, I’ve been able to talk and network with a lot more people and pick up some new readers. If you haven’t already, get on Twitter and follow me.

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  1. Yeh but for a blog of this size, im sure hosting isnt really going to break the bank. Are all those earnings just from this site?

    1. Hosting for a blog this size is nothing… which is why I never bother including it. Yes, the blog revenue report is for this blog only.

  2. Zac buddy,

    Great posts. Nice to see this revenue report, bit bad that it dropped a bit but it's like that in April.

    What I wanted to tell you is that you update the copyright sign to 2008. year :-).

    Take care and bring more of the great posts.

    Hrvoje Livnjak

    1. Two years ago I purchased 15 Dell servers to host and manage all of my sites. Kept out growing shared/dedicated hosting from other providers and was wasting money.

  3. Thanks for the link, Zac! It was good to meet you at the summit. I only wish I had more time to chat with you.

  4. Busy days away from blogging might have kept your revenue low! Btw what might have happened with the sudden drop in scratch back spots?

  5. I am sure thats not your real income. You are hiding the real things

    otherwise superaffiliates make $2-3k in one day.

    come on, tell your real income 😀

    1. It might be the income just from this blog..

      Zac might be maintaining other big sites and earning through affiliate marketing there.

  6. You are not the only one who get lower revenue on April…But, I’m sure will do better on May 😉

  7. thats some serious dough despite having a 'down month', thats one thing with blogs… in order to get the money, there's constant promotion that needs to be done.

  8. Hi Zac,

    Really like your blog. Just had a question about the private ad sales earnings. You state that you sold $1100 in private ads last month yet all the 7 ad spots on your blog show only affiliate links (pepperjam, etc.). I've noticed this on johnchows blog as well, am I missing something?

    – Paul

  9. Congratulations Zac!

    also congratulations for PR 5.I am new to your blog and I like your blog

  10. Congrats for the PR5 you deserved it & nice income with just a blog.

  11. What are your goals for May and December (the end of the year)?

    Do you have any destinations to develop your blog?

    1. PepperJam has banners for their PepperJamAds, which looks like adsense, but they back out into their CPA deals. Depending on your content, PepperJam Network can make you a lot more money as they have high paying CPA offers.

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