Are You Buying from DealDotCom?

I just went to DealDotCom again to see what was featured on their site today. More than anything else, I think it’s interesting to see what they are listing. Today they had "Marketing Graphics Pro" software listed on the site. The retail price was $37, but DealDotCom had it listed for $17. I have a ton of sites and pages that I like to work on, so anything I find that can change around conversions really interests me. Sure, I could probably learn how to make cool buttons like this in photoshop or find a designer, but if this program makes it real easy for me to post a fancy looking button on the page that increases sales by 10%, it’s worth the lousy $17 to me!

This is now my second purchase through DealDotCom. Last week I purchased the AffiliatePro WordPress plugin they had featured on the site. I’m sure there are some plugins out there that do the same, or almost the same… but this product was another cheap buy and I was able to easily install the script and get what I needed done. So far I like the products I’ve seen listed on DealDotCom, but I am not happy about their ebooks. I would say the majority of ebooks out there are crap. I haven’t looked in detail at the ones they have listed, but I would really like to see them stay away from ebooks and list more products and scripts on the site.

Anyone else out there buying any DealDotCom products or think they should lay off the ebooks?

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  1. DDC I think is like a ClickBank Rotation – I do not think it is beneficial – the Affiliate WP plugin you download is a simple upgrade from alinks which does teh same thing – I have that plugin on my blog.

    graphics – might be understandable – but the ebooks on there I do not know if DDC will last forever with all the ebooks, scripts maybe

  2. Thanks Zac!

    I bought the product. It came at a great time. I've been spending the last few days trying to build my first landing page ever and it's been a lot harder than I've expected.

    I didn't realize until now that most of the existing web templates are geared towards ecommerce and blogging.

    I'm looking to hire someone as well so if anyone can recommend someone, would be appreciated!

  3. Great post Zac! We really love to see feedback such as this.

    One thing to keep in mind – our site appeals to a wide range of bloggers, online business owners, and internet marketers, and we try to keep the product rotation interesting for all our users.

    While you may not be interested in our ebook offerings, there are other DDC members who are. As long as members buy ebooks from us, we'll be selling them (you have to give your customers what they want, after all.)

    Along the way, we'll also be selling the scripts, plugins, tutorials, and tools that you guys who don't like ebooks are interested in.


  4. dealdotcom seriously got own for publishing a $10 deal while MGP is showing a $7 for this product..

    1. Read “DealDotCom” comments and mine (“Didier”) on John Chow’s blog :

      -> Anthony ( who pretended DDC is a rip off because sell the product at $7 OWN !

      Moreover, he’s even not an authorized reseller (my last comment about that is awaiting moderation) !

      This guy is a SCAM ARTIST !

      And DDC is NOT a rip off, nor MGP 😉

      Didier Faucher (creator and copyright holder of

  5. I haven't bought any items yet, but the offerings look like a good variety so far. I missed the graphics item and that seems like a great deal.

  6. I bought Marketing Graphics Pro too. They changed the price from $17 to $10 later in the day and refunded everyone $7 that bought it earlier.

    I later found a reseller who was selling the same package for $5 late last night. Oh well.

  7. The Deal dot com affiliate system spread thru the make money online fraternity like wildfire (ummm… was trying to think of a cyber metaphor – but too brain dead). The E books really put me off – along with the concept of ‘selling out’ with a digital product. Sheesh . . .

  8. I registered but i have not taken the trouble to explore it. I will do that. The MGP mysterious has been solved i guess. John Chow actually chow who the MGP is … Interestedly MGP has deleted the scam article about dealdotcom he put on his site … Chicken LOL

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