Are You LinkedIn or Linked Out?

Yesterday I was looking up some information for Reena’s sister because she has an interview for a new job today. I was specifically looking for information on some contacts at a companies that she is going to be working with. While searching through Google, I noticed that one of the searches was listed on LinkedIn. I took a look, then logged into my account to see what was new. It’s been a few months since I last logged into my LinkedIn account, so I had a few networking requests.

I then went to Twitter and made a tweet for anyone interested in linking up with me on LinkedIn. Soon enough, I had several requests for networking. The best part of seeing all of these new contact requests was that a good majority of them were from old friends and contacts from over the years. In addition to networking with old contacts, it’s already brought in some new business for me. The internet business is unlike any other, and people jump in between companies like it’s nothing. Like Twitter, LinkedIn is a great source to keep in touch with your contacts, which they can also update and change as they move into new markets or work at new companies.

How many of your old contacts are still out that, but have just lost contact over the years? Setup or renew your interest on Twitter or LinkedIn and see where some of your old friends and contacts might be today! It might just be that extra contact or motivation you need to bring your business to the next level.

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  1. Its amazing how when you search for someones name the first thing to popup is a link to linkedin. Will twitter be the new linked in?

  2. I've been building up a few contacts lately on linked in and I am starting to realize what a great way to network it really is.


  3. I was surprised to read this and see that you have not logged on to Linked In in so long. I don’t know how you can compare Twitter to Linked In – to me they are opposites.

    Linked In allows you to truly network and look for partnerships, employees, referrals etc. While Twitter allows you to ………..? Keep up on some sports scores, make fun of a presenter, tell me what bar you are at……sorry, but I have tried twit and just don’t get it.

    What am I missing? Or, was I following the wrong group – the posted completely useless information that seemed more fit for tweens than savvy online marketers.

  4. I am on Twitter but, I don't know LinkedIn. How long have they bee around? I will have to check it out.

  5. LinkedIn is one that I'm avoiding – basically because if I use something then I want to use it well and exploit it for all that it's worth. With FB, Twitter and SU already being utilized, I'm not sure that I'd have the time for LinkedIn. I kind of feel that using one tool at an amazing level beats using lots of little tools. What do you think about this Zac?

  6. You might have seen a post on Shoemoney's blog about SERP rankings of facebook vs twitter, but if you go with twitter vs linkedin, linkedin wins with better serp rankings..

    And its really a good and professional business networking website.

  7. I am currently not using LinkedIn. But I am thinking to try our Twitter. Lest see what all the buzz for Twitter is all about. 😀

  8. LinkedIn is great. I use it for my full-time job and it's a great networking tool. Your post has motivated me to open up one for my internet marketing business.


  9. I've sent my linkedin profile to my twitter friends lately and get 15+ new connections almost instantly. Great way to "ping" people.

    Zac, have you tried Plaxo? Keith Ferrazzi recommends it in his "Never Eat Alone" book.

  10. What’s up with the people that want to be invited into linkedin and your not sure you know them. They have nothing at all that would make it look like they’re trying to make a “spam network” of friends.

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