Are You Making Money with PepperJam Network Yet?

The other day I made a post on the launch of the brand new affiliate network from PepperJam. With a few days gone by, the question is have you made any money with their network yet?… and if not, why!?

Here are a few reasons why you should join PepperJam Network and how it can give you the edge you need to make more money online.

1.) PepperJam Exclusive Offers
I touched base on this during my launch post, but more than anything else, this is the most important factor. PepperJam Network has offers from companies that NEVER had affiliate programs, and still don’t. The only way to run these programs are through PepperJam Network directly. Baby Phat, Enyce, JellyBelly and PhatFarm just to name a few.

2.) No Early Competition
This network is brand new, and I just mentioned the offers above are exclusive to PepperJam Network. Do a Google Keyword Search and see what type of advertisers come up when you search on these offer names. You are likely to either find that the company is directly bidding on their name or related terms… or you will find another third party store or web site selling their product. You won’t find much action in the affiliate space, as these are brand new offers. Even if there are restrictions on keyword bidding for the company name, you can target towards their products, company news, their promotions and even mis-spellings! (Not advertising on Yahoo Search yet? Here’s a $25 credit to you test these offers on ppc.)

3.) People Want Authenticity
Quickly jumping back to “No Early Competition”… if the official company web site isn’t coming up on any searches, then it’s only going to be other promoters and web site names. People want to buy directly from a name they can trust. Not only will they feel completely safe buying from a company name they know, but it also guarantees they will receive what they are looking for and not a knock-off or replica product.

These are just three simple reasons on why you should have an affiliate account with PepperJam Network. I’m sure most of you will read this post and think, “Wow, that’s a great idea. I should try that!“… but the fact is that most of you will think that to yourself and not act upon it. Click here, join the network and start pushing some offers through pay per click or create a new blog dedicated to the product you are looking to promote. You will make money if you put forth the effort!

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  1. After I heard they pay bi-weekly and the minimum payout is $7, I signed up immediately. I hope to see some amazing results from them.

    1. Fat Kid,

      PJN does pay out every two weeks. The minimum is $25, not $7. You might be confusing that with the fact thay PJN will pay you up to $7 for every affiliate you refer from your Web site. Once logged-in join the PJN Affiliate Program and you can refer other affiliates to join.


  2. yo zac I been promoting it and I have great ctrs with 123copy dvd but no conversions – sighs – I get tons of clicks just no moeny in the bank sighs…., currently my CTR is at 3.3% with 123copydvd but again no money…..sighs….

    well see what happens in the coming weeks

  3. I submitted app. But, not yet. Here's why?

    ….."After your email has been verified, we will begin the final review process. Once we can confirm the information that you have provided, you will receive an acceptance email"

    Until then I'll be hiding next to my computer waiting to hear from them (it's been three days already)..

    1. Alex,

      Your application should have been reviewed and accepted. You should have received a phone call upon acceptance. If you didn't something went wrong when you submitted your app.

      Did you get an e-mail verification e-mail after you submitted your application?

      If not, visit and submit your e-mail with a quick explanation of what you experienced and someone from the PJ team will take action on your app this weekend.

      Sorry for the delay.

  4. Alex:

    Pick up the phone and call… if your not pro-active in whatever business you ever get in to you will never get anywhere.

  5. I just got signed up yesterday and I'm just getting ready to go with some offers. So far the program looks extremely promising though.

  6. Miguel,

    Thanks for the tip.

    On the flip side any one of their executives reading my post should be alarmed. Why? Because like any business acquiring a new customer usually requires an acquisition cost. Yes, it's nice that Zach wrote about them and I'm quite sure he's delivered numerous new customers.

    I'm not making an excuse because I agree with you. But, fact of the matter I signed up three days ago on "impulse" and have since then been swamped.

    1. Alex,

      We have a ton of respect for anyone that reads Zac's blog – Zac is one of the smartest guys in the business.

      I responded to your comment above before I read your last comment!

      I think that's funny since you just got immediate action from the CEO of the company – I don't know what others think about that, but that's not likely to happen at other networks.

      Zac is a friend and anything that gets posted here will get addressed as quickly as possible.

      E-mail verification is the first step in the verification process. Once that happens you get put into a short que for verification of your phone number. If you never verified your e-mail than you are still stuck at step one.

      By the way, this verification process is one of the things that separates Pepperjam Network from the others – trust us, it will be in your best interest to get verified – by doing this you'll get better offers from many of our advertisers.

      Submit your info through the Contact Us form at PJN and you'll be taken care of today.


  7. thanks, Kris.

    I'll contact your team on Monday. Yes, I agree if you're spending time reading these posts it shows commitment to the business.

    btw – Your video introduction on your parent site is the best company intro I've seen. It delivers a clear message and exudes experience and confidence. Cheers!

    p.s. Zach keep up the great posts. Incredible knowledge you're sharing with your readers.

  8. Just filled out an application today! Hopefully ill be accepted. I can't wait to check out some of the exclusive offers pepperjam has running

  9. finally earned my first 6.37 cents after 653 clicks! and spending …… yea not a good ROI … but let see where this goes – NBA is still my favorite

  10. I haven't made a dime with Pepperjam. I'm getting alot of clicks but no $ in commissions. I'm trying ppc with a few other strategies. Seems like people are curious, but don't want to jump the gun just yet. Maybe thos 45-60 cookies will come in handy. Another thing…it takes forever for my stats to show up in the back office…i'll be getting clicks thru ppc, it shows up on MSN and Yahoo…but takes a long time to show up in Pepperjam. Only been a member for 3 days, and don't have a SID, could this be part of the reason, does anybody know?

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