Are You Ready for Affiliate Summit? It’s Here!

After months of anticipation and excitement, Affiliate Summit is nearly here. With over 2500+ attendees this time around, this will be the biggest Affiliate Summit yet. Even before the event has begun, excitement and frustration has ensued.. for everyone in the North East that is. Waking up this morning to a few inches of snow wasn’t too thrilling. Luckily for me, my flight is Saturday morning, so everything should be cleared up. Unfortunately for many others making their way to Las Vegas, delays and cancellations are just the start of their adventure to Affiliate Summit West 2008. Flight cancellations and travel aside, I can’t wait till Affiliate Summit finally kicks off!

I’ve got nearly 6 hours to burn on my flight from NJ to Las Vegas, so I will probably spend most of that time writing up some exciting blog posts. Over the next several days, I will also be providing full blog coverage from Affiliate Summit. Some areas that I will cover are the killer parties, networking sessions and exhibits area, which speakers I really enjoyed and any tips I come across that would benefit my readers. So in addition to my posts on the event, I also want to release a few non-Affiliate Summit posts for the blog as well. That’s where you come in! I still have another 10 hours or so before I leave to catch my plane, so start leaving comments or send me an email through the contact page on what you would like me to write about this upcoming week!

Once I return from Affiliate Summit, I will also have a lot of new features and updates to be excited about. I’ll also be releasing my new affiliate network and offers review web site. Once fully running, the site will be made up of hundreds of reviews on some of the best performing offers for you to make some extra money. All reviews will follow the same concept as my “CPA Spotlight” posts, but will be listed on their own affiliate directory site.

If you are attending Affiliate Summit for the first time, get ready… you are about to take a big step to bring your online business and networking to the next level, and I look forward to seeing you there! Make sure to attend my “Super Affiliate Strategies that Work” panel at 11:30am-12:30pm on Tuesday. In addition to myself, you will also get to see Amit Mehta, John Chow and Kris Jones in the same session. The second portion of this panel will be an open Q&A with the audience. How exciting!

Don’t forget, leave a comment or send me an email with what you’d like to see me write about over the next week on the blog!

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  1. Lucky for me I am on the West Coast so I don't have to deal with all the snow and delays.

    I am looking forward to it finally being here, seems like it has taken forever to finally get here.

    I will be arriving on Sunday morning, I will see ya there!

  2. Unfortunately, i don't have the scratch to come out to Vegas. However, I'm hoping you guys bring back some awesome news for us minor league players.

  3. I can't come because I am living in the Netherlands and I have to go to school, but if I made a decent income with affilate marketing I will visit it once if I am invited 😛

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