Are You the Next Super Affiliate Blogger?

The premier issue of FeedFront magazine have been printed and shipped, and should be arriving in your mail box any day now. If you attended Affiliate Summit this past February in Las Vegas or last August in Miami, than your name is on the list to receive a copy. Fortunately, for everyone else who couldn’t attend the event, or have a US shipping address, the premier issue is now available in pdf format at

The first issue contains a nice collection of articles discussing what’s going on in the affiliate marketing space (such as blogging, PPC, video, affiliate networks, Web 2.0, landing pages). I also have a two page article in the magazine called “Are You the Next Super Affiliate Blogger?“, where I outline several points on why you should be blogging and how much it can benefit your overall success.

To view the full article, you can click here for my article, or here for the full magazine in pdf format.

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  1. Official:

    You can't spoil a magazine by reading a pdf version of the same issue beforehand.

  2. Some pretty amazing stuff. I wonder if there will be still room for new talent wanting to make some cash with this. Thanks for posting.

  3. Great magazine. Thanks for the tip.

    Coming from europe i have to take the pdf-version. Interesting anyway.

  4. Will read it later today, being one of the first magazine for affiliate marketing I am sure it’ll stay on top for a long time. When is the next issue?

  5. A little bit shocked…you've got so many summits on this theme..and we have NO of them?(((

  6. I would like to be a super affiliate. With some effort and some time I know I can. Just gotta keep reading how others do it and copy it and innovate a bit on my own.

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