At Cost Fulfillment – Cutting Costs & Raising ROI

Written by Zac Johnson
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Have you ever wondered why there are so many free trial and weight loss/supplement offers hitting the internet and affiliate networks these days? It’s not just because of the massive money that is being made for affiliates, it’s because the process of fulfilling products and orders is much cheaper and easier than it was several years ago.

In the past if you wanted to create a product of your own you would need to actually have the product that you were selling, find someone to create the labeling, bottle the product up, handle orders and shop out to your customers. In addition to these tedious tasks, you would also have to worry about paying each of these vendors and designers separately for their services while also needing to handle your own customer transactions, returns and reshipping of stock.

At Cost Fullfillment Options

Now the process is much easier and automated through the use of fulfillment companies.

A great example of how the process can be outsourced, can be seen through the services offered at ACF is a health/beauty private labeling + domestic/international fulfillment service that has the lowest prices and let’s marketers focus 100% on selling the products and never have to worry about logistics or ordering

It a Fulfillment Company Right for Your Business?

If you are currently processing over 3,000 orders per month, which is only 100 orders per day, then you can apply for the many benefits offered to AtCostFulfillment partners, such as;

  • One Stop Shop for Hassle Free Domestic & International Shipping
  • Top CRM Partnerships for Seamless CRM integration
  • Peace of Mind with Securely Monitored & Climate Controlled Fulfillment Warehouses
  • Increase Margins With At Cost Rates and No Setup or Hidden Fees
  • Support When You Need it with First Class Customer Service
  • At Cost Rates From Exclusive Top Vendor Partnerships
  • Simplified Campaign Management with Integrated Inventory & Reporting
  • Fastest Manufacturing Turnaround
  • Lowest Prices for Health & Beauty Products

To get an idea of how much money and time you can start saving by using a fulfillment service, you can use this savings calculator to fill into your monthly orders, how much you pay for fulfillment services and restocking fees. You will then be given a figure on approximately how much you could save per month by switching to a fulfillment service.

At Cost Fullfillment Calculator

The Health & Beauty Market Will Only Continue to Grow!

Health and Beauty FulfillmentIf you look at some of the top selling products over the last 50 years, you will continually see that health and beauty is always at the top of the lists. People care about what they look like and they want to get healthy without actually doing the work, which is why diet and health related products sell so well. With so many businesses moving to the recurring billing model and the outsourcing of fulfillment now cheaper and easier than ever we are only going to continue to see a rapid increase in these markets.

It doesn’t matter if you are pushing 3,000 orders per month or 300,000, there is always going to new customers who are looking to try and by your product. As the business it’s your job to find those who are interested and processing their recurring orders at the lowest costs possible, which is possible through a solution like At Cost Fulfillment.

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  1. Cool stuff. Haven't gotten around to making my own health offer, but it's always been in the back of my mind.

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