AT&T Small Biz Tech Makeover Contest

AT&T has created a new site called “AT&T Small Business InSite“, which brings advice, resources and tools for small business owners. Ever since I got my iphone, it’s been a whole new world with all the applications and how I browse the web. Not to mention I haven’t had any problems with the AT&T service. The addition of AT&T’s Small Business Insite is just another perk.

To celebrate the launch of their new site, AT&T is holding a Small Biz Tech Makeover Contest. This is an excellent opportunity for nearly all of my blog readers, and even myself. We all want to be our own boss, and we all want to make more money. This is a “one winner takes all” type of contest… and here’s what’s up for grabs:

One Grand Prize Winner will Receive:
An AT&T products & services package: 2- Samsung Epix smartphones, 1-year subscription to AT&T Tech Support 360SM Advanced Service Package; 1-year subscription to AT&T UNIX or Windows Enhanced Web Hosting services; AT&T Web Design service; 1-year subscription to AT&T Unified Messaging; Digital Express Direct Mail Extreme Membership along with the first 500 postcards; AT&T Connect five (5) Integrated Edition Named Hosts Web conferencing.

A one-on-one consultation with a small business expert: Winner will receive a complete business assessment and customized roadmap for success.

Windows® Small Business Server 2008 Standard from Microsoft.

Here’s HOW to enter:
1.) Simply create a 2 minute video for AT&T, explaining to them why your small business needs a makeover.
2.) Complete the online entry form, then upload your video.

Here’s WHY you should enter:
There are a ton of contests going on all the time, and not many people entering them. Even when it’s as simple as commenting, or just “tweeting” a link… people are still too lazy to enter. This is one of the biggest reasons for you to enter this contest! To enter this contest, you MUST create a short 2 minute video. Remember how I said people are lazy about submitting a link… think about how many are too lazy to create a video!

The next reason why you should enter this contest, is because the prize to work with AT&T is just priceless. You will get some amazing exposure for your business, while receiving a small business technology makeover from AT&T, and the winner will also be featured in a series of short videos featuring their office transformation.

Like I mentioned earlier, this is a great opportunity to take some time and enter a contest that can really boost your business. Take a few minutes, throw a video together and enter the contest. My video entry is below.

Enter the AT&T Small Biz Tech Makeover Contest.

Feel free to post any thoughts, or your video submission in the comments section.

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  1. Because of the limit on the size of the video file, I had to compress it down so it looks horrible.

    So I also uploaded a better quality version to viddler to put on my blog.

    This is a great opportunity though for someone to win a great product and service.

  2. Why no iPhone? Also, which city do you live in because I know that AT&T's service is generally worse than the other carriers. I just put up with it because they have monopoly on the iPhone.

  3. <a class="replyTo" href="#comment-110098" rel="nofollow">@Chris Guthrie:

    I haven't had any problems with coverage through NJ, or when traveling. It's been pretty good.

  4. Any restrictions on the location of the small business? If it is only for small businesses in US then I won't be able to enter the contest.

  5. Hi Zach, I just gave your youtube video a 5 star rating, hopefully that will help you out towards your contest. I am still debating whether or not I will enter, hehe.

    Till then,


  6. A very nice incentive to puty together a 2 minute video clip. While a picture is worth a thousand words, a movie (albeit a small one) has the ability to be worth millions of words. Now if only if was based in the US, dang!

  7. @Chris Guthrie:So you're saying that the iPhone is such an aspirational device that people will suffer poor service and indifferent reception just to have one?

    We don't have AT&T in South Africa, but I really admire their avant garde approach to marketing. These videos could prove to be a really cheap way to get some of the most original adverts imaginable. The resultys should be really awesome.

  8. Thanks a lot Zac for passing this information on. I would to see how beneficial it will be to help individual bloggers to make a success in the cyberspace. Visit me at Make Quick Cash John

  9. I agree with Chris Guthrie: "Why no iPhone?" That is, why isn't the iPhone included in AT&T's contest. It almost seems like AT&T is discouraging iPhones. I recently went into an AT&T store and they tried to talk me out of buying an iPhone; AT&T staff encouraged the Blackberry Bold. It was a bit annoying because I told them I wanted and iPhone.

  10. I have used AT&T for a while now and have had no issues with their service. Thanks for the contest update. It will be interesting to see who wins 🙂 Good luck to all!

  11. Monopoly at IPhone gives a competitive edge to AT&T at other carriers. People are crazy about IPhone, that makes AT&T keep selling.

  12. Hi, it is a nice post with have a good article with have a good info…..keep it up….

  13. Very good this contest, I will make my movie in 2 minutes and compete for this award, it can bring many advantages.

  14. I am looking forward to seeing who wins this. AT&T has bee great for me too Vanessa, no problems.

  15. I worked for AT&T for 2 years and they are an awesome company to work for.. but since I quit, I've had Verizon and their customer service and product blow AT&T out of the water. And so does their coverage… Also, the Iphone will not be exclusive to AT&T forever…

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